rose 04 classique on ebay!!!

  1. scrumptious!
  2. sooooo pretty!!!
  3. NICE, but are those auction drop company trusthworthy?:confused1:
  4. love this color!!! aw, man...
  5. It's so beautiful! Love the rose!
  6. Ooh, soo pretty!
  7. i loooove the color. must..... resist......
  8. Beautiful!! I love this color! The seller should include more photos to prove authenticity though.
  9. i'm so sad :sad: . I thought I was the winner of this bag but there was a bid in the last 30 SECONDS :hysteric:! Even if there was one minute left I think that would have been fair because I would have been given the chance to bid again like in a real auction. I planned outfits around it already. Hopefully another one comes along soon.
  10. ^^ oh! what a shame! it's so hard when a bag gets snapped up right under your nose! I hope you find another- it's so pretty!
  11. oh bagfreak, I hate when that happens....
  12. I was bidding on it too, but I only wanted it for a certain price and excercise MASSIVE amounts of self control to stop bidding. I'm sure the winner is a Pf'er. Sorry you missed out Bagfreak.
  13. wow.. it went for pretty damn cheap for an 04 rose... damn. the last 30 seconds are always the most exciting to watch/experience. that's why it's best to snipe and then sit and let the cards fall where they may.