Rosarito, Here We Come!!!!!!!!!

  1. I am just so excited!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
    I am leaving for Rosarito, Mexico in 15~ish hours...!!!! It's the first time I'm spending my spring break somewhere with friends (20 and my first time :sweatdrop: ). Does anyone have any tips? I only have my license and an expired passport but everyone has told me that it's okay, since the new law only includes air travel. I hope it won't cause too much trouble... :push:

    Anyway, WAAAAH going to go pack more clothes now!! Wheeeeeeeee :yahoo:
  2. Have fun, stay safe,:yes: Hope you have a great trip!!!
  3. how exciting, have a fun time, but don't drink too much and be careful! Can you tell I'm a mom :yes:

    Oh and enjoy the beautiful scenery, I love the drive down to Rosarito!