Rosario & Neve Both Have New Looks, What do You Think ?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Rediculous, and that's being nice.
  3. Uhhh....I think Neve looks awful with the short short hair! She looks kinda masculine....very man-ish looking.

    As for Rosario...I remember seeing pictures of her with a really short hair a couple of days ago...maybe she put in extensions ?
  4. I am not digging Rosario's short bangs ...dont think she can pull it off. You need to have really petit feminine like features to pull it of...and Neve looks manly.
  5. Don't think either of them look that good.
  6. Neve is like the female version of Brad Pitt. :angel:
  7. mehh, not too fond of either. :sad:
  8. Neve looks so washed out
  9. Neve's hair is really unattractive, maybe the style is for an upcoming movie role or something? Rosario's bangs are way too short, I dont like bangs cut like that on anyone.
  10. hehe IA that was exctly my first thought..!! :roflmfao:
  11. Scary.
  12. My man LURVES Rosario Dawson. How happy am I that she doesn't look all that good now! :yahoo:
  13. Neve looks a lot like a female Josh Harnett !
  14. they are both such beautiful women. why did they do this? I've never liked those kinds of bangs on anyone. It always reminds me of when a mom pulls a hatchet job on her kids so she'll have more time between haircuts.
  15. Don't really like either of them but Neve's looks worse, doesn't suit her at all!