Rosario Dawson

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    One of Hollywood’s most beautiful couples, Rosario Dawson and Jason Lewis, have reportedly split. The actress was overheard telling a friend about the break-up in a New York restaurant over the weekend, explaining she was having to fly to Los Angeles to clear her belongings from the Hollywood home she shares with the actor.
    Dawson and Lewis started dating in 2004 and moved in together exactly a year ago. The actress has often cooed about her man, a former model, in interviews. In one recent article, she gushed, “He’s just a wonderful human being. He’s generous and loving and intelligent and warm and funny.”
    A publicist who represents both Lewis and Dawson had not responded to calls.
  2. Oh no! I think they're so cute together!
  3. Oh no...another one bites the dust. I so hope it's not true tho, I love them together.
  4. Aww :sad: seems like most hollywood couples aren't lasting lately :/
  5. I heard that she is now linked to Paul Walker...hmmm. Anywho's, really don't like that dress on her - makes her look fat/preg IMO.
  6. That was fast. Hope it´s not true.
  7. jason is HOT HOT HOT!!
  8. :drool:ing jason...

    whats going on? everyone is splitting up?its new black?
  9. agreed
  10. jason is just over the top!
  11. Awww!! I liked them together.
  12. Awww. Well at least they learned it wasn't working before they jumped and got married. I think celebs are moving way to fast when it comes to that nowadays.
  13. Good! Now he is free to be with ME!!!
  14. OMG.. helllllllllllllllo Jason Lewis :drool: j/k
  15. I don't like her much at all...