Rosalie wallet or Zippy coin purse???

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  1. I need a tiny wallet that could fit in my Chanel mini flap bag. Ideally, I would love to carry a mini pochette, small wallet, keys, and phone in my chanel mini. I currently use a zippy compact wallet, but it takes up a lot of space. I love the zippy coin purse style, but it may be redundant since I already have the zippy compact wallet. Also, the Rosalie is sooo cute, but I can't compare them in store since it is always sold out. Is the Rosalie thinner than the Zippy coin purse? Which do you prefer and why? Thanks!
  2. From what I remember of the Rosalie, it was a lot thicker than I thought it would be. I know with bifold/trifold wallets, they get very thick once you put your cards and money inside. I didn't buy it for that reason.

    I used to have the ZCP. I didn't like it because it was hard to get in and out of. However, I know it is smaller than the compact wallet.

    I think if you have a lot of cards, the Rosalie would be better. If you want something that's compact, then get the ZCP.

    Sorry, I am not much help. I don't do well with small wallets :sweatdrop:

    BTW, have you thought about the multicartes wallet? I kinda like that one because it has an "accordion" like opening, which makes it a little easier to get things inside and out.
  3. I love my zippy coin purse in Amarante Vernis. It is the perfect wallet for all of my small bags.
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    I bought the Rosalie and I love it because its thin and compact! It's considered a coin purse or card holder so it's thinner than then your typical bi or tri fold wallet. It's exactly 1" at its thickest part where the flap is.

    I use it in my Chanel medium flap filigree. With tons of room to spare. It holds my essentials: about 10 credit cards, medical card and insurance in the back, and 10 folded bills.
  5. I have both and prefer the Rosalie! It's smaller, thinner and easier to use.

  6. I need something that's compact and can hold up to 10 cards, cash, and receipts. I don't mind folded cash or receipts. I will look into the multicartes style. Thanks for ur help!

    Amarante vernis is gorgeous!!! Do you find that the zippy coin purse is thick when filled completely?

    Wow! That sounds like what I need. I saw a YouTube review of the Rosalie and the folded inner flaps caused a "division" of the cards. Do you find this to be a problem?

    Thank you for ur help! Glad to hear the Rosalie is thinner. I really need a thin and compact, but functional wallet. Now I just wish it was in stock.
  7. ZCP imo. I've never owned the Rosalie, but from seeing photos and videos, it doesnt seem as practical. It is cute though ;)
  8. I had the exact same concerns! In the main opening, I can put in 8 cards in front, folded cash, then 8 cards behind it. When it folds or closes against the bills it's totally fine and the cards stay in their divided section. I don't have to fuss with repositioning the cards to close it. When I open it, I find it's easy to find my card (i don't have to take out all of my cards and shuffle through them).

    However, if you just have cards and no bills to put in the middle, you do have to shuffle/shake your cards a bit because the sides will need to fold in.

    I was considering the Empriente Business Card holder because it had less of a side-fold when closed, but it just wasn't as pretty as the Rosalie.

    I really like the 2 hidden card slots on the inside of the Rosalie, they are easy to get a card in/out, versus the super stiff Emilie card slots.
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  9. I am loving my Rosalie. I also have Chanel mini, this is perfect ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464928759.300395.jpg

  10. Wow, it sounds like the Rosalie can hold a lot for how tiny it is. The Rosalie sounds like a winner! :smile:

    Sooo cute!!! I wish they were back in stock! :biggrin:
  11. I also have both and I think the Rosalie would be better suited for your needs. It is a little smaller, but it holds a ton, and has an actual zipper space for coins! If I had my ZCP or Multicartes on me I would have taken a comparison photo for you :sad:

  12. They are. I order from the store, and receive it within a week!! Check ur store!

  13. Thanks for your help!!! I think I'm going to have to go with the Rosalie. Please do some lovely comparison shots if you can! :biggrin:

    Really?? I think it's because I've only been checking on the LV website. Woops! I'll be visiting the LV boutique this weekend so I may place an order there! :biggrin:
  14. ZCP is my choice. I wasn't carrying a wallet for a long time and then purchased the ZCP. Love it! It holds what I need it to hold. It holds cash and about 15 cards comfortably. I could add a bit more cards, etc if I choose to.

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