Rosalie wallet discontinued?????

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  1. Today I went in to the LV in Austin at The Domain hoping they might have a Rosalie Coin Purse. I knew it was a very slim chance. They did not have one but offered to sell me the Victorine Wallet (saying it was practically identical....) so I ask to be put on the list for when it might come back in stock and the two men at the register said it won't be available because it is prob being discontinued.
  2. That is funny since I was put on the list for one just a few days ago at my store.

  3. What?? That's bizarre. You should call the CS line and see what they say about it. Maybe they'll be able to help you to locate one too.
  4. It is also out of stock in France.
  5. It's a seasonal piece according to CS. It's on back order you can call for a Product Request so you can get your name on the wait list for the next shipment. But it's not a guarantee since there is no stock. Good luck!
  6. The store manager at my store told me that she received confirmation from New York that it is sold out with no more replenishment. Anyone else hear this about the Rosalie with rose ballerine?
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  7. Have also been told by a SA at Sak's 5th Avenue in Toronto that it is has already been discontinued, they've only seen one shipment of it and it hasn't been in stock since... but the Canadian site says to 'call for availability' for the RB colour. Really hoping it comes back in stock!
  8. No news about the Rosalie wallet in Rose Ballerine ? Tried to have info today but they said again "we know nothing " and they wanted to sell me the Victorine wallet but not the Same :sad:
  9. Last month I called the Canadian Client Service number and they said that it's not declared as discontinued, but there is no date as to when it'll be back in stock!
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  10. Maybe good news :tup:

    What is the number of this item? I could ask my SA by mail.
    M62361 :smile:
  12. Thanks. Sent email to my SA.
  13. BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDD NEWSSSSSSSSSSSS (for France, I cannot say for USA or Canada)

    My SA told me it is only available in fushia. No more RB :crybaby::crybaby: why? why? :crybaby::crybaby:I just saw this small wallet few fays ago why? why? :crybaby:
    I have got my fushia key holder so I do not want to have fushia again for a wallet. Hope we could propose a new small wallet in RB like rosalie.
  14. Hasn't been available in RB in US since mid or end April when I put my name on a list for it!
  15. Ohhhhhhh okay :crybaby: