Rosalie Size Q

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  1. Hi All!
    Getting ready to go to make a SLG purchase online - trying to narrow down my list

    Anyone who has the Rosalie - how wide does it open? Would I be able to fit a car & house key in there? I am thinking I would prefer that over the Key Pouch - but not sure if it would ruin it/stretch it out to put 2 keys in it. Don't want to stuff it so much so that it won't snap shut or would become misshapen.

    Any input would be appreciated!
  2. IMG_2467.JPG IMG_2468.JPG
    I just bought this item today, so you have perfect timing. I'm not sure about fitting keys in there. I guess it depends on the size of your keys. I think it's better suited for cards, cash, and a few coins.
  3. If you have a regular house key, then yes it will fit. It may possibly fit very small car keys but you are going to have a hard time closing it.
    I agree with UnaVitaSegreta that the Rosalie is really meant for cards and cash and may be anything that's small and flat. It probably won't fit most car keys.
  4. Thank you! I think I am going to stick with the Empreinte Key Pouch. :smile:
  5. Hello I like this wallet; I saw one in RB on YT video but nothing on French Website; RB was only for USA? TIA ;)