Rosalie coin purse

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Which canvas do you prefer?

  1. Monogram

    36 vote(s)
  2. Damier Ebene

    13 vote(s)
  1. Hii! I'm looking at buying a Rosalie coin purse in either Damier Ebene Monogram with a Rose ballerine interior but they're both so beautiful I don't know how to choose. Lemme know what you guys think and why? I want something that is very classy and that won't get old

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  2. I bought this in mono and it's one of my fave SLGs. Haven't had any problem with the button discoloring over time, though that's something other Rose Ballerine owners have complained about. (It's also not my daily wallet.) I'm also normally more of a DE person than mono, but I think the mono is small and tasteful enough on the Rosalie; and somehow looks more expensive than the DE?
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  3. I just got this in DE and love it! I did opt for this print because I didn’t have any DE items.

    Though I do like the mono too!
  4. Almost always my answer to canvas questions is Damier - I like the quietness of it.

    But in this case, mono all the way, it just looks nicer imo.

    Getting old-wise I’d guess both would be fine, my LV SLGs have been true workhorses, still look new despite my treatment of them!
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  5. I first bought the DE because I had no other SLGs in that print in my collection after selling my compact origami wallet.

    I bought the monogram one as well because that would have been my first choice otherwise.

    I use and enjoy both and haven't had any issues with either!

    One of my most favourite pieces!
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  6. when I say old I mean dated since some items because of logos you can tell its dated to a certain period of time and I wouldnt want that sorry for my lack of knowledge this is gonna be my first slg so wanna make sure I'm making the right choice
  7. I brought my mono one is nov 2019 and i used it every day since and you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s in constant use
  8. I own this wallet and love it. I bought it in the monogram as I prefer monogram on SLGs and DE on bags as that’s makes the bag more subtle.
  9. Both are beautiful! I bought the monogram as damier ebene wasn't a choice then or it wouldve been a struggle for me too :P But for this design I think the monogram looks best!
  10. I bought the Damier Ebene Rosalie, and I just love it! I love the pattern with the pink! I have mostly mono items, so this was a nice change. I use it all the time.
    Both are just beautiful, so you can’t go wrong:smile:
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  11. I have both and love them both equally.
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  12. I really like both choices but if I had to chose I would lean a tiny bit more toward the monogram
  13. Mono I have and love it to bits.
  14. Neither pattern is going to look 'dated'. Both the DA and mono have lasted the test of time (several decades). I prefer the mono in SLGs. I think DA looks nice on the larger handbags.
  15. I had the same issue when I bought mine and went with monogram because I like the darker brown with the pink. My sister went with DE because doesn't like all the logos. I think either are great :smile:
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