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  1. Does anyone have rosacea? I do, and it always gets so itchy in the winter!! I use Chanels Calming Emulsion and it works great but in the afternoon it starts itching again and if I put the emulsion on it will take off my foundation. Does anyone know anything else???:shrugs:
  2. Same problem here! I truly feel your pain!

    A few things I do -

    *Aspirin calms itching. In winter, I take it in the morning with my vitamins.

    *I apply moisturizer to my face many times every day. I keep it near my computer, in my car, in my purse. I only use moisturizer with NO mineral oil or petro-anything. Cetaphil moisturizer and Sergino (heavy cream for eye area) works for me.

    *If I apply makeup in the morning, I must remove and reapply in the afternoon. As I grump, I tell myself this helps keep the pores clear.

    *On the advice of another tPF gal, I have been using a new foundation. Wonder Finish by Maybelline. Best foundation I have ever used. It dries fast, so I put a little in my palm, use my fingertip to mix with an equal amount of water, then quickly apply to my face and neck. I don't need to reapply as often as with other foundations.

    *I go "bare faced" at home. Moisturizers only.

    *I never use alcohol-based products. Very drying. They aggrevate our problems.

    *Your Emulsion sounds great. Just use it and reapply foundation.

    good luck!
  3. I have rosacea (among about 5 other different skin conditions!) and I've been using Aveeno Calming moisturizer and it's been working quite well. Very hydrating and rich yet not at all greasy...and it's oil-free!

    My winter itchiness has become sooo annoying. And I get little bumps too, ugh. Does anyone else also experience this with their rosacea?
  4. YES the bumps!! I used to think I was breaking out with acne and I kept treating it with the strongest Clinique!!! Boy was I wrong!!
    Thanks for the tips ladies!!! Will Try!!
  5. I suffer from mild rosacea as well, i feel like it mainly comes out more in the summer or in a stressful situation, i get flushed very easily.......

    Some tips to help avoid outbreaks:

    1. Avoid triggers, including hot drinks, spicy foods, caffeine and alcoholic beverages that make the face red or flushed.

    2. good sun important!

    3. Avoid extreme hot and cold temperatures which may exacerbate the symptoms of rosacea. Exercise in a cool environment. try not to overheat.

    4.Avoid cosmetics and facial products that contain alcohol.

    5.Keep a diary of flushing episodes and note associated foods, products, activities, medications or other triggering factors.
  6. I suggest you see a dermatologist if you haven't done so already. Mine has given me several products that have helped moisturize my skin. The prescription skin care products are far superior to the over the counters.
  7. I had this when l was 17 and it calmed down when i was 21, however it comes back now and then. l always found wearing make up was fine but what l took the make up of with was a big problem so after going through a ton of cleansers E45 wash worked. I have a friend whom now has it at the age of 33 and she also tried tons of products and medication, then she changed her diet and it has made it calm down a lot. I would always use the Decleor skin care range as they have a great range for reactive skin. l honestly hope your skin gets better soon.
  8. I have oily, sensitive skin AND rosacea. I use La Roche Posay Toleraine products. They seem to work well. The other thing I use is PLEXION cleanser which is by prescription. This has also helped a lot with the red areas.

    I also use Chanel double perfection compact foundation.

    I'd be very interested to know what others with OILY skin use for their rosacea and breakouts.
  9. ^ Yes, the LRP product line Toleraine is wonderful. I also use them and started this past August 2006. I especially like the Rosaliac skin perfecting anti-redness moisturizer. I use the Toleraine Soothing Protective Skincare Cream (for Normal to combination intolerant skin) too. This line is very gentle, soothing and great for my skin!
  10. I have rosacea also but my question is what do you use for anti-aging products? It seems all the stuff that helps wrinkles, sagging etc are not good for rosacea sufferers.
  11. My rosacea just appeared one day....didn't quite know what it was until I went to the derm Dr. She gave me Finacea and seriously can't tell I have it. I know it will never go away, but it seriously calmed it down. So my regimen is cetaphil, finacea, moisturizer,every evening and repeat in the morning with sunscreen (after 10 minutes of moisturizer) so not to clog pores. AND watch what I eat..... as there are some triggers...

    A dermatologist is the way to go.....
  12. I have Rosacea also here is a good product, try Exuviance it's by NeoStrata you can go to NeoStrata -- Leaders in AHA Skin Care I use there Gentle Calming Lotion as face wash which is what it is for but I remove it with the Soothing Toning Lotion. I was told by the NeoStrata Rep that alot of the times what triggers our Rosacea after we wash our faces is the water in itself. Because alot of us dont have filters on our water we tend to get the harsh chemicals intended to clean our water on our pretty faces. I also use Eucerin Redness Relief but I use the Night Cream and it has worked so well just make sure to always use and SPF for UVA AND UVB rays.
  13. I work at Merle Norman and we have a delicate balance line that is desingned for rosacea. It calms your skin and is free of anything that would cause irritation. The moisturizer will also reduce redness by 47%.
  14. My skin looks a little reddish around my cheeks and it's been this way for about 3 years. I think I noticed it more when I was pregnant (3 years ago) and it has stayed this way. It's not really that bad, but I miss having my normal skin. I have a light olive complexion and I've heard that rosacea occurs mostly in fair skinned complexions. Is that true? I haven't been to a dermatologist yet. I've been putting it off since it can be covered very easily makeup. Anyone have any ideas of what it could be if it isn't rosacea? Also, I read somewhere that eliminating grains can reduce rosacea, anybody tried this? TIA.
  15. i think it's more common with fair skin, but it can definitely still occur with olive skinned-types. I don't have rosacea, but there are a lot of products out there that supposedly help it. Try searching on for some ideas. Good luck!