Rosa Cha bikini

  1. Hey all! I havent been on here in a while! So busy. I have a few photoshoots coming up and i am trying to find unique swimsuits and clothing. I have been searching my fingers off, and thought i would come to a source that is most fashionable!.. you guys ;);) I am trying to find a place to buy rosa cha bikinis, but cant seem to find 2-pieces. mainly 1 pieces. Does anyone know where i can find these suits at? I have actually shot in a few of them before, but they were a friends. I like them because they have unique prints and things on them, rather than being plain or a normal zebra print, etc.
    Thanks for any help! Any other ideas are welcome :tup:
  2. I've seen them on eBay
  3. yeah i have been looking, but there isnt alot to choose from right now...ones that are super cute anyways.
  4. Hello,
    I've being buying bikinis from brazil at they are wonderful!!!
  5. Intermix sells them.

    I believe Neiman Marcus does too, but I'm not 100% positive.
  6. Does anyone know how these swimsuits fit...I've heard they run very small. Thanks for any help you can give me!
  7. ^^ From my experience, they do run small ... just like all Brazilian swimsuits that I bought in Brazil. They are beautiful though. With some designs, you can also choose sometimes different shape bottoms since the normal Brazilian cut bottom is tiny for my big butt lol. I don't know though if they sell other bottom cuts abroad.