Rory - Best Wardrobe Investment Ever! Pics of Rory the Trusty Business Travel Bag!

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  1. Hi, Coachies! Rory and I are on a trip - I have a very important job interview tomorrow, and I thought some of you might like to see how I use Rory when traveling for work.

    As you can see, I needed a lot for this trip. The 9 black folders are packets for each of my interviewers with my resume and generic business card. My husband made these for me, he's amazing. I've obscured the info on the label, but you get the idea. Also included, with sources for the non-Coach items:

    Desk calendar - Target, and it works better for me than any other paper planner. Lots of space to write events and tasks for each day.

    Journal/Notebook - Martha Stewart for Staples

    Aqua "secure folder" - Martha Stewart for Staples

    Robin perforated clutch (compact, lipstick, bobby pins, hair ties, moleskin for my shoes if they hurt, other odds and ends, RX med pillbox, wallet and uni case)

    Fuschia zippy wallet

    MFF black sig large wristlet (pens, post it tags, highlighters, Crystal light packets, artificial sweetener packets, paper clips, binder clips, extra breath strips, card case)

    MFF black sig card case

    Tag motif universal case (OTC meds, bandaids)

    Breath strips, tissues, emery board, earbuds, gloves (gift from Mom), packet of wipes.

    iPad in case and iPhone, pashmina from Stein Mart not shown (but carried in there too!)

    Packing for business travel is one of my superpowers - I can fit everything I need in Rory and my carry-on suitcase. Losing your luggage when 5 months pregnant will leave a scar that time doesn't heal 😄

    To protect Rory's handles (this is a LOT, I don't want to stress the handles). I put the handles over the roller handle on my carry-on.

    Thanks for looking!

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  2. Wow - efficient packing at its finest! You are truly a pro! Thanks for the awesome pictures and good luck on your job interview! :smile:
  3. Good luck on your interview! Twins on black favorite! :smile:

  4. Thank you! It became a hobby of sorts after I started traveling frequently. Yes, I'm a super dork! 😄

    Thank you! Isn't she awesome? I will never give her up (let her down, run around...) 😋
  5. She holds a lot and very organized, pretty. Best of luck tomorrow!
  6. Nicely done. Good luck tomorrow!
  7. Wow, I have the same Rory and never realized it could fit THAT much. You are a great organizer! Hope your interview goes well, good luck!
  8. Good luck with your interview!

  9. Thank you!

    Thanks so much!

    Thank you!


    I'm going to try and sleep - thanks for all the good wishes...I just got laid off so I'm hoping this goes well! This weekend has been 100% prep...

    Thanks again for all the sweet words!
  10. Good luck tomorrow. I love my black rory too
  11. Good luck and awesome packing !
  12. Good luck!
  13. Good Luck and yes Rory is a work horse. Glad you have it all worked out.
  14. So awesome! Thanks for taking the time to share. Best of luck to you on your interview---go get that job--it is yours!
    When I first starting wanting a black Rory a little over a year ago, your pics were the first that I found. Rory is the bag that brought me to Coach.
  15. Love it! Good luck!