Rope knot in the handles are missing!

  1. I just purchased an 07 spring black Work from BalNY---this is my 6th bbag, and I noticed something different right away. The knot from the rope lacing that you usually see underneath the handle end is missing on all four ends! Is this normal, or should I worry about the ropes coming loose at the ends?
  2. ?? Can you post a picture?
  3. i think my sandstone has a knot missing on one of the handles and it hasnt caused me any problems - but pics would be helpful b/c yours might be more "severe".
  4. Here's a pic of one of the handles. There is only one strand of rope showing, but no knot, it's like the end of the rope was turned back into the handle without a knot or something. I'm just worried about it coming loose if there's no actual knot holding the end securely, like if they just glued the loose rope end into the handle.
  5. maybe they have a new way of securing them? did you ask the SA about it? maybe they would know - doubtful, but it's worth a try.
  6. None of my bags have the knot either. :confused1: Maybe they're making the knots differently now? Tucking them under, perhaps?
  7. My other 07 bags (anthra, pine, jaune..) plus my 08 eb all have large knots, that's why I thought it was strange that the 07 work didn't, since it's an older bag. I'm going to call BalNY to see if there's any problem with it.
  8. hmmm actually i checked my sandstone and it does have a knot, one knot's just frayed a little so i thought it wasnt a knot, but it is.

    all my bags are o7 and they all have knots. i would call up and ask... wouldnt want your bags handles to be falling off in a month but it be past 7 days so balny wont do anything about it LOL
  9. When I special ordered my Magaenta LE back in June, I noticed that the handles on the sample bag were just like your pic. I figured that they just has a new way to secure the rope and was hoping that my Magenta would be the same way - the knots on my bags always come untucked and it drives me crazy! It ended up that my LE Magenta had the knots.

    Curious to hear what BalNy has to say ... keep us posted!
  10. Just got off the phone with BalNY. They said there should be no problem with the knot not being visible, and according the buyer, who happened to be there, this is usually done on the larger bags (cause the handles are larger? the handles appear to be the same size as my city bag though:huh:). Supposedly the rope end is knotted, but tucked way into the handle so that you can't see it. I expressed concern about the knot coming loose and they said I can get it fixed for free within a year from my purchase if that does happen. Crossing my fingers that it won't happen, cause I really like the leather on this bag.
  11. I really think that it will be fine. I would actually prefer them that way. I am constantly tucking in the knots on my bag, I think that it because they are exposed. Either way, Enjoy your bag!!
  12. Your post made me run and look at all my bbag handles. On some bags, I can see the knots distinctly. On my BGpink first though, I can feel the knots hiding under the leather. They're hiding inside the handles which is super cool!

    In terms of unravelling, I don't see that happening in the near future. Bbags are more resilient than you think.