Roots Leather Bags

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  1. Hey everyone! I recently took a trip to Toronto where I discovered all the glory that is Roots. They didn't have any bags I particularly loved that I saw in stores during my visit, but now I regret not buying something beautiful that is Canadian made! I purchased a small coin purse in their unique Tribe leather and am in love. I need more.'s where my dilemma lies! I love the small, sleek design of the Edie bag in Tribe, but it's only available on the Canadian site right now and no one from customer service has been able to help in giving me an ETA if and when it will be re-stocked on the US site. Here's the bag available right now in the US:,default,pd.html

    I like this in black too, and I don't have ANY black bags, and I know this will look great with casual and fancy attire. I do love the Tribe leather, however, and am unsure if it will be re-stocked in the US.

    The other bag I was looking at in the Tribe leather is the new Karly bag which has similar dimensions as the Edie but is lined and has short handles too (I primarily like cross-body bags) and I have a bag already in a similar style (Kate Spade Little Minka in French Navy). Here's the Karly bag for reference:,default,pd.html

    So..any tips? Or, is anyone in Canada willing to help me get the Edie bag in the Tribe leather and ship it to me in the USA? Obviously I will pay for the bag + shipping to the US. It's a kind of outlandish request, but I thought I'd ask my fellow purse forum-ers!:smile:

  2. I'm familiar with tribe( i have a purse in it but Luisa) I also own an Edie but mine is papaya so a redish tone.

    The karly is cute! sorta a mini satchel.

    What all do you want to put in it? the Edie is a tight fir for large wallets the main reason why my mother is now borrowing mine lol

    Shipping here is crazy expensive... you'd probably save by waiting for the US site to get it, the tribe leather is a classic and Edie has been around for awhile just redone in different leathers.

    Sorry i couldn't be more helpful, they are great purses for what it's worth, i own some that are over 10yrs old.
  3. Thanks for the help. I'm usually someone who doesn't carry a whole lot, so the Edie is a nice smaller size.

    Do you have anything in the prince leather? How's the quality?
  4. Let me check my collection lol i believe my cutie tote is prince.. if so that sucker was used for 2yrs straight(no tradeouts) and it's withstood a ton of use and all kinds of weather..

    Be back..
  5. Yep, my memory didn't fail me lol My Cutie tote is prince leather!

    Here it's the green one in this shot... as i said withstood 2yrs of regular use and winter, rain etc.. no i never treated it either.

    You can see my Edie as well as my very old Purple bag the Small Venetian... my newest one isn't in this group shot or my pouches, wristlets or other SLG from Roots.


    This is straight off of Roots site as for care with Prince leather, basically it's a pebbled leather very soft and durable.

    "With Prince Leather, we feel just fine playing favourites. It’s one of our most popular leathers with a supple and silky touch, featuring a milled finish for that added texture we love. No need to worry with Prince; it’s been sealed and protected during production."
  6. Wow! You have quite a collection! I really want the Edie in tribe..maybe I'll just have to wait for that. Is it bad to have a purse in two colors? Haha...I really don't have a black bag and like the Edie in black prince leather too!
  7. Thanks, missing a few in there but whatever lol at least the one you needed was in that shot.

    Um, for here? many own the same bag different color in the case of this though it's actually quite different leathers, different wearing, feel...

    I could take a shot of my prince leather and my tribe one side by side if you wish?
  8. Can you please? I'd just like to compare their texture, especially after lots of use. I heard the prince leather develops a nice shine and the tribe leather becomes smoother and squishier. Is there any truth to that? Thanks for your help! :smile:
  9. yep, definitely true.

    Will do totally overcast ed though so hopefully pics will turn out okay. ;) Again, will be back!
  10. Okay here we go hopefully the pictures are decent enough, getting dark and we're stormy.

    So prince is the green you can see the sheen, and then my tribe leather it's already developing a lovely patina and softness after a few months and i used it this winter.



    Hope these pictures are helpful! :biggrin:
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  11. Wow! Both those bags look exquisite! I might just have to get the Edie in both leathers. I can't wait until the tribe is back in stock in the U.S.! Thanks for your help!
  12. Your welcome, glad it was helpful! yep, Roots does leather well and at a reasonable pricing!

    Good luck hope you get the styles your after! :biggrin:
  13. Thanks! I'm leaning towards buying the Karly in the tribe leather now. I can't decide! I remember I have a coupon code from a hand out I got in store while I was visiting Toronto two weeks ago promoting their Mother's Day line. $20 off a $100 isn't bad! :smile:
  14. Gah i had written a big long response i lost it.

    Ok basically long story short.

    I have the small grace in tribe(which ive been meaning to write a review about but been a bit busy with different things) and the olivia in black prince. I love them, however i don't think i will go for a tribe leather bag again.

    I find that my bag picks up dyes and colours really easily. The side i wear inwards against my body is significantly darker than the side that faces out. I can only guess that this is from the black pants that i am usually wearing for work but at the same time they are not new pants and have been washed hundreds of times so there shouldn't be any colour transfer. That is the only thing i can think it is from though. I will also be honest and say that it is possible that this problem has been happening to my previous bags as well but seeing as i usually go for dark(black) bags i could just not be noticing it. Don't let this frighten you though I have spoken and read about this in person and online(including on this forum) and no one seems to share this problem so perhaps i just have a bad one... or perhaps it's me(my pants).

    I saw someone wearing the little edie a few weeks ago and it was really cute, small yes, but very cute. If you're into small bags then it would be a really cute addition. I also agree with what HesistantShopper said about not fitting a wallet inside. You may be able to fit a small flip size wallet but definitely not any large wallets. It's very small maybe the size of a postcard or so maybe slightly bigger.

    The Karly bag is very cute too. It looks like a baby grace bag. I don;t recall seeing this one in person at the store... it's probably just slipping my memory though.

    Regardless of your decision i think you will be really happy as the leather from roots is top notch and you will have it for years to come. In my opinion their leather stuff is a steal considering the price and quality.

    The Olivia bag i had i used for about 3 years straight everyday and it still looks the same as it did the day i bought it. I only recently got the small grace bag but aside from the colour problem it still is in excellent condition.

    Let us know if you have any more questions.
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  15. My daughter has a Roots backpack and she loves it. Wears very well. Have had it since Sept and it holds a ton!