Roots knocked off Anna Corinna!

  1. OMG! I was in a Roots Store onn Queen St. in Toronto today and I saw an exact knockoff of the Anna Corinna Mini City tote.

    The only difference is the leather on the Roots bag is a lot softer than the dry, hard leather on the AC.
    Is this really allowed? Can't they get sued?

    Here's a link. It also came in a camel color and white.
  2. I don't think Anna Corinna leather is dry and hard. I love it. I have the butterscotch and think the leather is perfect for the bag: great look, great feel. Although the bag you see at roots is VERY similar in appearance, there's something about it that doesn't bring it up to the standard of the mini city tote IMHO.
  3. It's not a judgmental comment. I have the AC mini tote in moss and I love it too. There's been a slew of posts about the leather on the AC and generally the concensus is that the finish on the leather is dry. Maybe hard is the wrong word. I think in the pictures on the Roots website, they try to smush down the top of the bag, because when you see it in the store, it REALLY looks the same. All the way to the knotted handles.
  4. i totally agree with cgsprings - the AC bag is more 'rustic' and that's what gives it character...the roots bag lacks that, it looks 'mass' produced...

    i guess they can get away with it, it's not like it hasn't been done before, with different designers. it is pretty blatent though.
  5. Yeah the knots on the handles really push me over to annoyance! Stealing someone else's designs is low...
  6. interesting. well, to answer your question, jade, it's unlikely that Roots will get sued unless Anna Corinna has registered the design of the bag in Canada through the Industrial Design system. France has strong design protection laws, the United States is working on legislation, and well, Canada drags behind in almost every respect (for example, we can download music and not get subpoenaed and/or sued).

    Even if AC had registered the design, companies, especially tiny start-ups, have to be fairly choosy about who they sue. IP litigation is extremely costly, and such a suit could cost the company more than it is even worth.

    I probably sound like a textbook, but the reason why is because I just had an exam on this stuff.

    Hope this answers your question! ; )
  7. Yep. They've made a generic version. Definitely doesn't have the character.

  8. LOL. It was more of a rhetorical question but thanks so much for the reply. ;)

    Roots is a pretty huge company so I'm sure it would be like David going up against Goliath. The other thing that bugs me is that Anna Corinna is such a niche brand, I bet people who buy the Roots purse and see us walking around with ours will think we're the ones with the knockoffs!!! :wtf:
  9. I hear ya, and it makes me cringe, too. It totally sucks!!
  10. the Anna Corinna bag is actually a version of a vintage bag. If you look on eBay sometimes you see them from years ago. She picked it though, so it is basically hers, and I love the leather that she has used. Once I was going through a very old catalog from Montgomery Ward (like 1955), and lo and behold was a satchel that Marc Jacobs "designed", and it was a really popular bag. You have to give these designers credit though for "recognizing" something that will translate commercially for today's times.
  11. Yea... it looks a lot like the Anna Corinna... but designers have been doing these foldover bags for the past year or two years. i remember even Ferragamo did a version.
  12. the new lauren tote from roots actually have a better size compared to AC, since the mini city is too small and the regular city is wayyy too big. i just ordered the regular city AC, but think i might still get the roots lauren, since its such the perfect size!
  13. Well, it's bound to happen. Most designs are copied nowadays.

  14. ^^^that REALLY ugly!!!!! :sick::sick::sick: