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  1. I just got a new Rootote bag -love it- but I was wondering, can I put it in the wash?
  2. Sorry, but I've never heard of that brand. It doesn't have a care label? If it's a cotton tote, you probably can wash it in cold water (less damage to print and less shrinkage) but then hang dry instead of using dryer. Good luck
  3. Never heard of that brand but I wouldn't advice "washing" your handbags especially an expensive one. You might ruin it so better yet take it to a handbag cleaner or ask the SA how to take care of the bag.
  4. What is that? Do you have a link to it?
  5. [​IMG][​IMG]
    on the other side it says in french "one harvests only what one sows"

    I dunno what's up with the bear, I got the picture off eBay
  6. It does have a care label, but it's in Japanese :smile:
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