Root Canals?

  1. So i don't know if i need one yet BUT! one of my fillings fell out yesterday while flossing and im worried that it might be due to decay, and not just because it's old. :s

    I have never had a root canal just your normal fillings and im freaking out over maybe having to have one done.

    I have always heard its hell to get one done but i have been doing some reading online about root canals and every website said that nowadays with the advanced technology it's not worse if not the same as getting a cavity filled.

    What do you guys have to say? For those of you who have had one done?

    I really need some feedback to either calm my nerves or prepare..haha. My appointment is at 3 pm tomorrow!! :sad:

  2. Take a deep breathe!! It's really not that bad AT ALL!! I had one done a few years back and went right back to the office after and was fine. It's really not a big deal these days....people just tend to make a big deal out of these things.

    I AM going to suggest though that you just get the tooth pulled (if it's a molar that won't interfere with eating, etc.). I ended up having many problems with my root canal as did about 3-4 other people I know and just ended up getting it pulled in the end anyway (so it was really a huge waste of money to get the root canal done in the first place).

    A good friend of mine is a dental assistant and she's told me that root canals are basically a money making scheme.

    I've known a couple people who have just had the tooth pulled because it saves money and ends up causing them less of a headache down the road.

    Whatever you decide try and hang in there.....either option is not that bad!!
  3. I have had three failed root canals that had to be pulled ultimately. However the root canals lasted about 10 years. Over a root canal, you need a porcelain over metal crown. The root canal is about $800 and crown is about $1000. For the pulled teeth, you need to replace them with implants and crowns. Each implant is about $2000 and crown for the implant about $1300. To add to my troubles, the dentist did two new root canals this year. My dental bill is high--can buy a Birkin with all the money I paid. I don't think you should get the tooth pulled if you can get a root canal first. Some root canals last a long, long time. The pain and cost of getting an implant is worse than the root canal.

    However, if the tooth is all the way in the back, next to the wisdom tooth, then you probably don't need it to chew well. In that case, just get it pulled if it is causing you pain. You need at least one molar to chew, though.
  4. You don't actually have to replace a pulled tooth with an implant unless you want to. If it's a back molar that doesn't interfere with eating, etc. and nobody can actually see back there then many people decide to just pull it and that's all.

    You just have to decide whether spending $1,000 now and then having to spend more later to either fix it and/or get it pulled is worth it or if you'd rather just spend a couple hundred bucks to get it pulled and never have to think about it again.
  5. I just had a root canal. It wasn't that bad. I didn't even take the Advil he suggested I may need, if I was in pain that evening...

    I have been told to never, ever pull a tooth unless you absolutely have to!!! I had a porcelain crown put in after the root canal and that didn't hurt either. How can it? There's no root there. The dentist doesn't even use freezing when you get the crown because having no nerves there, means no pain. It's annoying and expensive, but not painful.
  6. I have to take my not so brave daughter to the dentist tomorrow and she is only 4!!! I'm so stressed because the dentist is taking an x-ray to see if her front tooth needs a root canal or pulpotomy as it's called for kids. She fell down 2 years ago and hurt her front tooth but nothing happened until a couple of days ago when she bit an apple and now complains when she bites down. Please everyone keep us in your prayers. I can't imagine having her going through this :sad:

  7. Root canal can be painful if you have an infection. I had a big puss ball in my mouth after the dentist put some eugenol in the tooth to try to get rid of the bacteria, but the infection got worse. Even after you get root canal, you can still feel pain if your roots get infected. Then they try to save the tooth by apicotectomy (sp?) to try to clean the root out more. The apico has a high percentage of failure, and then you need to get the tooth pulled. Then if you have infection when the tooth is pulled, it is hell because the oral surgeon needs to cut into the bone. Unfortunately, I have experienced all sorts of pain with all sorts of dental procedures.

    That said, if you don't feel pain right now, you will probably not feel pain during the root canal because your roots are probably not infected. Why get root canal if you don't feel pain? Only get the root canal if you feel pain either when you chew or all the time because the tooth is never the same after root canal. It gets brittle and will crack. You need a crown over the root canal tooth but food almost always gets stuck in between the crown and other tooth.
  8. Best of luck. I feel for you and your daughter.
  9. "Why get root canal if you don't feel pain?" For exactly the reasons that you said you had trouble. Eventually it will get badly infected and that can causes all the trouble you did have.

    When the dentist took x-rays and saw that dark line around the root (that dark spot shows that there is an infection) he knew it was just a matter of time before I would start to feel pain and I would have that "big puss ball" which leads to all sorts of problems. Why wait till that happens? That infection will not go away if I were to ignore it.
  10. I've had two (by the same dentist) and could barely tell the difference between filling a cavity and the root canal. It's a longer process. Technology is a lot different today. I literally cry at the thought of going to dentists...I have mini panick attacks (due to some childhood exp). Trust me when I tell you that if you have a good dentist, you have nothing to fear.
  11. And...the sooner you get it done, the better!! For sure! Esp. if you don't have a lot of pain now...don't wait!!!
  12. Awhh...thanks guys! It's the morning of and alot of your feedback has put my mind at ease. I have no pain whatsoever just a missing filling. So i guess that's good right?

    This is embarrasing to say but the last time i was at the dentist was 3 years ago. :blush: ( i got taken off my parents insurance) And i read that alot of filings only last 4 years until they wear down, crack and break loose. hoping thats all that happened and i don't need anything other than just a refill. After all it happened while i was flossing.

    Either way thank you so much for all of your feedback! Keep me in your thoughts today at 3pm and hope that i don't need anything complicated!

  13. Sending good thoughts your way!!
  14. I've had 2 root canals.

    OMG I was scared too death when I was told this. I HATE going to the dentist. I just freak out. I do not like it at all.

    So naturally when they told me I had to have a root canal. I panicked! (and I do have panic/anxiety).

    Neway...I was all nervous the day of the root canal. I found it not to be as bad as I thought. It was time consuming, took awhile...but other than that I don't remember having any pain at all. They gave me some meds. to take to fight the infection (which I had no pain from yet..). I think I took them for a wk or 10 days or whatever. But that was it. They put a temporary crown and later I went back for the permanent crown.

    Ya, going to the dentist is a pain (no pun intended) :p But take it from a HUGE chicken...BOCK BOCK!:roflmfao: It'll be ok.

    I know people say ROOT CANAL and it's like AHHHHH OMG (starts running around) ahhhhh....but was just time consuming....I think it's scary cuz it's the unknown. Not knowing what's going to happen.

    I'm sure you'll do fine. :smile:
    GOOD LUCK!!:yes: Just try to relax and know it'll be over before you know it and you can go home and read a mag or whatever....I won't be there all'll go home and it'll be done! ;)
  15. Hey...I just remembered your thread and checked up on you. Did you end up needing one then....or was it a missing filling?

    and LVcrazed, can you imagine if you and I ever went to the dentist together??!! We'd be pre-bawling bawk bawk in the parking lot and post bawling in the parking lot! I can just visulalize it! (my pattern tends to be getting all worked up, braving it through the entire dental session matter how miniscule...then just having a private bawl fest in my car after it's all over. I get myself waaayy worked up over it!