Roosters Or Chocolates for V-Day??

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WHich should I purchase?

  1. HAC 32 Chevre M Coq de Roche PHW

  2. Birkin 30 Togo Chocolate PHW

  3. Neither, save your gift card!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Ok I am going back and forth and am conflicted
    between going with:
    [​IMG]Hermes HAC 32 Chevre coq de roche PHW
    or a Birkin 30 Chocolate Togo PHW
    I have a sizable gift card I want to use at Hermes
    before they decide to do another price increase.
    I have seen neither in person.
    Currently I have a 30 T-C Clemence Birkin PHW
    that I adore and a Toile Ebene Evercalf Kelly PHW
    and loads of H clutches (JIGE, 2 Medors and a Kelly Longue)
    Help me choose my friends!


  2. I like the chocolate. The CDR is too much brightness for me. I think you'd like the chocolate forever.
  3. I say the chocolate togo birkin. I think it is perfect.
  4. You know I after seeing Katie Holmes in the Cafe/Chocolate Birkin ( which I know hers was bigger but for me a 40 is not good) I have been thinking about it.
  5. I adore chocolate, and I prefer the birkin size. :drool:
  6. the choco is a forever classic
  7. I have been thinking about choco lately also..I think it is a rich lovely color.
  8. hehehe katie's bag was cafe. :smile:
  9. Yeah I know~~but to my eyes similar. Cafe is darker right?
  10. TankerToad, I am not a big fan of either colors. I would pass if I were you.
  11. It doesn't seem like either really make your heart skip a beat...correct me if I'm wrong though!! I think you should wait for something that really sings to you. Seems that more and more bags are hitting the shelf. I've never been contacted about so many birkins in my life! The ONE will come!
  12. I think the red would be a nice bright change, since you have etoupe.
  13. I'd go for the chocolate. It's a great neutral and looks super with PH.
  14. I like the HAC! : )
  15. My vote would be chocolate. I have one in togo g/h. The colour is so rich, classic and elegant. It is a great neutral to go with my entire wardrobe and easy to care for.

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