Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood...

  1. ...anyone ever been there? Stayed there? What's it like? I'm in Anaheim for a conference Mon - Wed in Nov so my husband and I are flying out early and booked a cabana room at the Roosevelt for the weekend. We're 30...are we going to be WAY out of the scene?
  2. My 10 year High School reunion was there, (I went to Hollywood High) The rap party for Pirates of the Caribbean that my husband worked on was there and I'm meeting someone for lunch there tomorrow!!!! My mom, who is a public health nurse, is also going to be there all day tomorrow for an AIDS conference. I doubt you'll be out of the scene there. But if it looks extra trendy when I go tomorrow, I'll report back here late tomorrow afternoon!
  3. Been there and I didn't think much of it. I didn't stay there but I went in my friend's room and it's very nice. The ambiance is also very nice and it made me think of old Hollywood. The scene is very young and hip, think of the Hollywood set. I don't think I'd want to stay in the hotel because most of the staff there seemed like they thought we didn't deserve much service since we aren't stars. Also, the fact that people say it's haunted kind of creeps me out.

  4. I stayed there for a week. LOVED IT! It was kind of a "scene" though. There was a video being filmed for a few days complete with video babes and hot boys posing by the pool. I had a blast and the food was pretty good too. I thought the service was excellent. The staff was so helpful and kind. I highly recommend it.
  5. Yeah I heard that place is haunted.. I wouldn't stay there but I'm a scardy cat
  6. I'm a scaredy cat too but I love reading the stories. LOL. When I was at the Roosevelt, I stared at the supposed haunted Marilyn Monroe mirror and I saw nothing. So disappointed. I really do believe it's haunted though. I got creepy vibes from the place. The fact that everything is so damn dark didn't help either.

  7. Look at all the ORBS!!!
  8. Thanks for the info...let me know what you see! Any recommendations for things we HAVE to see (seeing as you're a local)? Thanks!
  9. Honestly the haunted stories are kind of drawing me too it...I can't wait to check out the Marilyn Monroe mirror!!!
  10. Is this your first time in LA? M-W you're in Anaheim and when will you be in Los Angeles area and for how long?

    P.S. Just want to warn you that traffic in So. Cali is horrible. During rush hour, it may take you 2 hours from Anaheim to LA and vice versa.
  11. Ha! Easily! If I was coming from out of town I would stay in the OC... there's many beautiful places. Then if you wanted to go to Hollywood you could drive there for the day rather than taking the commute from OC to LA during your whole trip.
  12. I have a conference in Anaheim Sun even - Thurs a.m. so will be staying at the Anaheim Hilton then. DH & I are flying out Friday after work and staying at the Roosevelt Fri & Sat nights....iso at least we'll be driving from John Wayne - Hollywood after 8, and back Sun this okay, or are we going to be stuck in traffic?

    PS - I've only been there once before...and that was to Disneyland when I was 8. :p
  13. ^^I'm confused with the schedule you gave, but I think I kind of figured it out...

    1) Are you flying from where ever to Anaheim then drive to LA to stay at Roosevelt (Fri and Sat nights)? If you're flying into John Wayne then drive to LA after 8 pm on Friday, you might be okay.
    2) Sunday drive back from LA to Anaheim?
    3) Sunday - Thursday conference in Anaheim? If you can leave LA later in the day on Sunday, that would give you more time to do something that day in the LA area.

    Not sure what you want to do that weekend you're in LA. It's such a short time and lots to do/see in LA:
    1) Watch a show (you can see Wicked at the Pantages in Hollywood)
    2) Go to Clubs
    3) Lots of nice restaurants around Hollywood
    4) You can spend your Saturday in Beverly Hills - Rodeo Drive or maybe go do this on Sunday before leaving LA to drive to Anaheim.
    5) Go to Santa Monica Pier

    Maybe if you tell us more what activities you have in mind, we can help guide you.
  14. You are much braver than I am. Be sure to tell us how it goes! I've never stayed at a haunted hotel before but I love hearing about other people's experiences. Maybe you could request room #928. That's the room Montgomery Clift stayed in and supposedly haunts. People have reported hearing someone playing a trumpet and pacing the hallway while reciting lines on the 9th floor.

    Cabana 246 is where Marilyn Monroe lived on and off.
  15. If you want to see a play... Wicked is right there. 2 1/2 hours before each show they do a lottery for the front row. And those seats are only $20.