Roo's Road Trip Report (want a LOL?)

  1. We are just finishing an almost 10 day trip by car from WA through British Columbia via Trans Canada Highway 1 and looping down thru montana/idaho. (almost 2k miles so far) We've visited Kamloops Lake, Jasper National Park, Lake Louise, Banff, Calgary, Glacier Park Montana and are now at Lake Coeur d'Alene Idaho. We're heading home tomorrow...

    Just a few highlights of which will entertain some:

    - we missed being caught in the middle of a bank robbery in Banff by 20 minutes

    - our hotel room in Revelstoke, BC was given away before we got there... there was a baseball tournament in the town and I guess they figured those people were more important :rant: ... no rooms to be had in the entire town. We ended up parking off a country road and sleeping in the tent outside....:lol:

    - We hiked on a glacier in Jasper National park which was pretty cool, we have our 6 lb doggy with us and she hiked too!

    - used the doggy stroller i posted about here in Banff and it worked great! :yahoo:

    - when leaving glacier park montana we ended up on a highway that was under construction. It was torn down to gravel and took 3 hours to travel what normally takes 1 hour :wtf:

    - Almost were run off the road by erratic drivers several times in montana... also had a near miss on the road with a very large coyote :wtf:

    -accidentally ended up in an area of northern idaho known for white supremicists and shootouts with federal agents... the vibe there was NOT GOOD :wtf:

    We have tons of cool pics so I'll post some when I get back home... :lol:
  2. OH and I might also add: Mr Roo went out and bought a fancy GPS navigation system for the trip. I was relieved because like most men, he is genetically incapable of asking directions or taking directions.. however he got us lost a bunch of times because he refused to believe the navigation system was CORRECT... consequently i got to see parts of Calgary that only the vice squad I'm sure sees on a regular basis :lol:
  3. wow, that sounds really fun... well show us the pics when u get back..
  4. Hey!!! I missed you! I know we 'talked' in PM, but it wasn't the same w/o you!

    UGH! Why does vacation have to be so much work? LMAO!
  5. We don't have to many bad areas in Calgary but it sounds like you found one of them. :lol: Do you know what part of the city you were in?? What is the deal with men and directions anyway? I remember when I was a kid telling my dad to go right and he went left and we got our 37' motorhome stuck on a side street in Newport Beach because he wouldn't listen to me and I was the one reading the map!

    Anyways have a fun and safe trip, I can't wait to see all the pics!!
  6. Tell me about it.... but I have scored a minor victory on this trip *evil grin*

    My husband is one of these people that detests "over planning"... of course I have enough common sense to know that you don't go anywhere in the summer without planning it really well. However I let him have his way this time.. and of course there were LOTS of problems! I just sat back and smiled because I know he now realizes that his "mr free and easy old hippie" routine just don't cut it these days. He realized really fast that sleeping in the tent an extra night while not in a campground is NOT a good time.... :lol: He has to learn everything the hard way. As a result, he's allowed me to do serious shopping damage on this trip. Mostly xmas gifts I am saving for friends and family (no handbags) but still :lol: :devil:
  7. All I can tell you is that it was near downtown and there were a lot of really scary looking homeless guys around. We also saw what looked to be a clinic for methadone (??) and the people there getting in line, I felt sorry for them. I did stop at London Drugs on the outskirts of Calgary to load up on my skincare stuff (La Roche Post Toleraine) b/c it is really hard to get in the USA. I always LOVE the ladies who work in London Drugs, they are sooo nice in every store I've ever been in :heart:
  8. Hi Roo,

    I've missed your posts. Glad you are having fun. Which way are you heading to go home? I live in south central Idaho (Sun Valley area), and if you are passing through this way, maybe we could meet?

    Anyway, nice to hear from you!

  9. I wish we were heading that direction, but we'll be doing the I-90 shuffle in the westernly direction tomorrow... we need to get home soon before me and the dog KILL Mr Roo :lol:
  10. Awww...Sounds like you were probaby lin Victoria Park, thankfully there are tearing down most of that neighborhood to expand the Stampede Grounds. I hope you saw some nice areas too, it's a pretty good city to live in. The shopping is burtal though, I'm suprised we have something here that you can't get in the states. I actually just got home from London Drugs, I love that store!
  11. Sounds like you have lots of good stories from this trip. Mr. Roo did not believe the navigations system? Too funny. Let's see those pics when you get home. I have always wanted to do that exact same road trip.
  12. Can't wait to see your pix Roo. And don't forget to include pix of your doggy too!:yes:
  13. You are so funny Roo--Mr Roo sounds like my PHH..Men are so funny.....
    Have fun and post pics asap! we miss ya!
  14. Sounds like alot of fun cant wait to see pics , have a safe trip back