Roommate Issue

I went away for a weekend trip and I came back and my futon was broken.

I have never had a room mate ever break my personal property in all the years I have lived with people. What should I do? I expect to be compensated for it but I am not sure how to approach this. I did speak with my roomie and she thinks one of her friends did it...but thats all she said. I am really pissed about this since first of all it is my personal property. Also, I am a student and I am about to move and I don't have money to buy more furniture on top of what I already have to do for the move. I am so annoyed!

Advice is needed.


Oct 23, 2011
That is BS and I would be very angry, especially with the way that she reacted. I know there isnt a lot of detail but she isnt taking any responsibility, just trying to put the blame on someone else and trying to play dumb.. "I THINK one of my friends did it.." type thing? Would not fly with me. Is the lease in your name, did she pay you any damage deposit by chance? I would definitely stand your ground and ask for her to replace the damaged futon. She is responsible for the home while you are gone and its not fair for you to have to replace it.


Oh. Gee.
Feb 12, 2006
it was damaged on her watch. she needs to ask the person who broke it to compensate you. if that person won't pay for it then she should. if she won't, count your blessings that you are moving away. its unfortunate but not enough to make a federal case over. try and find a used frame somewhere. I'm sure you can find one cheap...