Roommate has a stalker!

  1. I seem to have negative stuff to post sorry! :unsure:

    This morning at 4am there was a phone call at our apartment, but I ignored it. Then at around 5am, there is crazy knocking at the door for at least 45 minutes. I was freaking out and sleepy. I called the security guard at our apartment, and I heard this loud argument outside and then silence. Later, the guard called back saying it was some man that claimed to be my roommate's boyfriend and had flowers.... but my roommate doesn't have a boyfriend! And I looked through the peephole, and I've never seen this guy before, so it's none of her exes. Gah! I'm worried now that he might come back angry and with a vengeance. And the angry thing is that she was asleep this entire time and I've been trying to wake her up, but her door is locked and she's not picking up the phone. Waahhh wat if he comes back with friends and messes up our room or *gasp* worse, steal my purses? (Had to add some humor) But I'm seriously freaked out. I'm going to talk to her when I get the chance. But what do I sasy? "Be nice to boys? Tell them the time from 11pm till 8am is sacred and peaceful because she has other roommates?"

    I'm just ranting. Heart pounding still :sad:

    Hope you all have a wonderful, stalk-free day! :biggrin:
  2. Oh my gosh! That is really scary!!! That sort of thing happened to me one time w/ an ex. He would wake up at the crack of town and just watch me every day during tennis practice when I was in school. Then he would just sit outside my house. It freaked me out but he was just weird, not harmless. Since you don't even recognize this guy, that's the awful thing!! I think you should really talk to her and ask her if she met anyone new recently. But definitely call 911 if he comes back again. I used to work for the PD and it's good to have these incidents documented...

    Glad y'all are ok though!! Phew!
  3. Wow, that is scary. Make sure you lock the door to your room. And I agree with Jasanna.. call 911 if he comes back. Better safe than sorry. Do keep us updated!
  4. oh, that doesn't sound good. May be you need to talk to your roomie and ask if she knows the guy. However, calling and bringing flowers that early in the morning is too shady. I agree w/the ladies here, call 911 if he comes back.
  5. since he hung around knocking for 45 minutes, i'd definately call 911 and get his ass arrested if he comes back. apparently he's not one to run off. might want to make sure your roommate doesn't know him from someplace, though. scary! i hope everything works out.
  6. Keep all doors and windows locked and keep a phone handy at all times

    Thats is scary
  7. Stalking is a crime. Make sure you write down everything that occurs- the time the phone calls come, the sightings, cards etc etc. You can go to the cops for this.
  8. OOh just talked to my roommate. So here's what we have pieced together. This guy came in the morning with flowers (they do not seem purchased, since the flowers strewn on the hallway were unwrapped, and there were only a few. But the security guard said there were a lot of flowers) and CLAIMED he was my roommate's boyfriend. My roommate had a few m issed calls (many from me). One call was from another resident in our apartment complex. The stalker actually went to a random stranger in an apartment TWO FLOORS down to borrow a cell phone to call my roommate cuz he wanted to surprise her with flowers. The neighbor said that this guy said he ran all the way from (undisclosed) university, was wearing a tshirt and boxers, and begged to use the phone. We only have height and ethnicity.
    My roommate has no idea who it is, and she never told anyone where she lived. She has an inkling it's a guy she's been seeing, but she's not sure. She is contemplating how to approach or confront this person, cuz she's not 100% sure. And he's much taller than the height specified. Gah!! Why is my room closest to the door??
  9. Ew very creepy. She should definitely call the police to report him. You should also inform your security guard that this guy is *not* to be allowed into the building under any circumstance!

    Tell your roommate to pay close attention to the people around her & to also change her daily routine (take a different route to school, leave at different times). Stalkers pay attention to stuff like that. She should inform the security at school & try to have someone walk her to her car when possible. It wouldn't hurt to carry pepper spray either just in case.

    Yikes! I'm sorry you're going through this. Poor you and your roomie!
  10. Wow, this is aweful. I agree with the other girls. Give the sec. guard instructions that no one is allowed to come to your apt. at that time. Also, tell your roomate to get some mace or something like that. You never know when you'll need it. Also, you can get inexpenisve apt. alarms at Home Depot that are wireless and you can hook up your door and windows if you guys don't already have an alarm, that will help you sleep better at night!! Good luck.
  11. That's very scary, and I'm glad that both you and your roommate are okay. I agree with everyone else that you need to leave specific instructions not to let people up, especially in the middle of the night without checking with you guys first. If this happens again, please call 911.
  12. As someone who has had a serious stalker, had to take a restraining order, and relocate, I would seriously suggest your friend contact the police and start logging these incidents.
  13. Get a taser, pronto, and I would definitely report it to the police.
  14. Yikes! Definitely report it and have the security guard on the look out and make sure you lock all of your doors!
  15. wow that's scary! Kick her out :lol: