Roomba or Dyson?

  1. and is the Dyson really worth the price?? geesh, so much money for a vaccuum cleaner:confused1:? target has the dyson on sale this week, that's why I'm thinking of getting it.
    by the way, the only room in my house with carpet is the bedroom, the rest of the house is wood floors, any suggestions?
  2. i'm not an expert on vacuums, but i have a dyson and i've never had any problems with it.

    ( or should i say my cleaner has never had any complaints about it! i've only used it myself a handful of times!)
  3. I love my DC 17 animal vac. My carpets are so clean! I also love how I can turn the brushes off when I vac my pergo floor. You may really like this feature for your wood. It's very powerful almost feels self propelled. I bought mine at BBBeyond with a 20% off coupon.
  5. i sell appliances, including vacs, and yes, the dyson is definately worth the price. it's also great on hard floors. WAY better for vacuuming than the roomba. if you have any specific questions, i'd be happy to answer them for you.
  6. Dyson all the way!
  7. Got the Dyson with some wedding gift money and it is without a doubt the best vacuum I've ever bought! Gets every single bit of hair, dust, and dirt out of the carpet, and works on my hardwood floors too, like other posters have said.

    Money well spent!
  8. My husband bought the Scooba (the wet version of the Roomba) and LOVES it on our hardwood floors. The other day I dropped a chicken pot pie on our hardwood floors and he wiped up the big chunks and then set the Scooba down. I don't know how it knew it, but it just kept going back to the exact spot where the pie was dropped until it was all clean. Then it cleaned the rest of the living room. I was pretty impressed! It IS slow, and loud, but if you are ultra lazy (like us), I'd recommend the Scooba. If you don't mind doing the labor, get the Dyson.
  9. I love my Dyson. I have the DC17 animal and it definitely helps to keep our house clean. By the way, I saw Target had some kind of offer right now when you buy a Dyson, you get a $100 Target gift card.
  10. The roomba isn't a great vac (unless they've changed it recently). That being said the Dyson is worth money, but there are also some VERY good vacs for half the price of a Dyson. Check or Amazon for customer reviews.
  11. I only have hardwood floors & I like the Swiffer Sweeper Vac for every day cleaning. It's really lightweight. I don't like the idea of having to use a huge vacuum on hardwood.

    ^^The scooba sounds cool though.
  12. My house is 90% wood floors & tile & I LOVE my dyson. I also turn off the brushes on the hard floors & it still sucks up everything. Best vacumn I've ever had. The Dyson Slim was just released. It's a lightweight version of the original. Thinking of getting that one for my upstairs.

    At one point, I was considering a Roomba, just because it seemed so neat. That was until I read the horrible reviews on it~
  13. I have the DC17 animal vac and I love it.

    I brought it home and just had to do the vacuum test. I vacuumed with my old one, then went over the same spot with the dyson....I felt so dirty after seeing all that the dyson had picked up after my old vacuum, lol.
  14. Dyson, hands down!
    We have already went through 2 Roombas and that thing craps out at 3 months.

    Our Dyson was bought 2 years ago and still going strong!
  15. LOL, I did that too & had the same thing happen:yes: