Room sharing--opposite gender..ANYONE???

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  1. I would love to hear personal experiences about this---esp if your kids share rooms. Right now my son and daughter have their own room but with the new little one on the way things will change.
    We have 4 BR's but the "4th" is the Den/office and I am unwilling to give it up! :P

    My son is the youngest and his room is more of the nursery, darker daughter has a huge room and it's not a prob bunking those two up...

    The babe will be with us for a long time in our room--should I bunk up the two eldest and when the baby gets older (1 yr.) put him/her in with the same gender child?

    TIA for your thoughts ladies!!
  2. I think it depnds on the age of your kids. What are they?
  3. oh sorry, daughter 7 and son 4 and they get along VERY well (most of the time) and I have a feeling they would love to room together.
  4. My brother and I shared a room until we were (I think) 5 & 7. I don't think it's a big deal when the kids are little. But I think they should have their own rooms (or have boys in one, girls in the other) by the time they are old enough to feel the need for modesty in front of each other.
  5. ^^ i second that.
  6. I think 7 might be too old to bunk with a 4 year old IMO

    I had to give up my office here at home because my step-son needed a room too so you may just have to give up the room :sad:
  7. You don't need to make that decision for a year, right? Then wait and see. Your bigger problem is the age gap more than anything. A one year old shouldn't be near a 5 year old's toys and that might be a tough one. Any other room to move the office? Finished basement?
  8. I think it's fine when they're little. I shared a room with my brother until I was 12 and he was 9 and then my mom decided that he deserved privacy so I shared with her, I think 12 is wayyyyy too old to share a room with a brother.
  9. I would bunk up with same sex. JMO.
  10. Putting the baby in someone elses room is going to most likely cause issues... Think about it, every time the baby is awake, so is your other child. That is not fair to them... plus that is their place to go and get away.

    If the siblings grow up in the same room, then that may be a little different. I was 8 when my brother was born and I would have been PISSED if my parents had expected me to share my room, but if I were 2 then I wouldn't really know any different.
  11. Ok until one of them hits puberty (approx 13 yo).
  12. The question of the room sharing was more for the two older kids--the babe wi ll be with us for prob at least a year.
    I'm a sleep nazi and wouldn't want the baby waking the other children :P

  13. I really think that with the age and gender differences of your children, it would be best to give up the den/office.

    Although maybe your daughter and son would LOVE to room together now, what about in 3 years? I really doubt that a fifth grade girl would want to room with a first grade brother.

    Like another poster mentioned, the two boys rooming together would be a better choice EXCEPT that a 1 year old should not be around a 5 year old's toys.

    You could try to room the two older kids together until the baby gets old enough to room with your other son (old enough to be around "big kid toys" safely and sleep through the night with no trouble). That way, just as your daughter is getting really tired of sharing her room with her younger brother, she will have her own again. To me, this is the best solution in which the children would room together.

    However, I just don't think it is fair to put the kids in less than ideal bedroom situations if it is avoidable. You have 4 bedrooms for a family a 5- it should work out perfectly. If it is possible for you to allow each child their "own corner of the world"- a little sanctuary- then I think you should do so. Lots of new parents give up their offices, craft rooms, game rooms, etc. when they have children. All the problems that go along with room-sharing could be easily avoided. JMO...
  14. thanks ladies!!

    I know some of you have many children here--3 plus kids---what do you do??? LETS HERE IT!!!
  15. Well, most people I know who have three kids, don't have four bedrooms and their spacing of kids are closer together. So, they keep baby with them for a year or two and then put the same sex toddler and older child together. But the older child is usually no more than 3 when the baby is born typically.

    As I said, you have more than a year to decide, so why worry about it now? And you never did answer, besides that 4th bedroom you use as an office, do you have another space in the house you could move your office?

    For instance, we have three bedrooms and a finished walk-out basement. We have a room at the "underground" part of our basement that we will be moving the office to in the next few days. It's cold in winter, but our son needs the bedroom more than we need the office upstairs. That room is connected to our family room, so it's not a forlorn corner of the house and looks nice since it's completely finished.

    Lastly, I think that by the time you put the baby in his/her own room, your daughter will be "over" wanting to share a room with her younger brother, but you can ask her then, right?

    Now, one thing my friend does is have the girl in one room and the two boys in the other room sharing and a third bedroom used for the toys and study and "shared" space. So, bedrooms are basically for sleeping only. That's another possibility, right?

    But really... if it were me, I would be giving up the office to give all three kids their own space. ONLY if you work from home and it's vital that you have an office would it make sense to keep that space.