Room for one more cupcake?

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  1. Okay here is my sweet little treat after quite a trip...neighbor got her yesterday and the FedEx guy wouldn't leave it...had to wait till they redelivered to correct address today! So hopefully you saved room for another cupcake!



    In my hand for's quite big!

    On my rainy day's currently monsoon season here in Arizona!
  2. You aren't the one with the hot Fedex guy are you? :smile: Then there's ALWAYS room for another cupcake :smile:
  3. OMG adorable! I love it!
  4. What a yummy lil cupcake!
  5. MMMMMMmmmmmm cupcakes...

    There is always room for cupcakes.
  6. So cute!
  7. sooo cute!
  8. love love!!!! congrats!!!! i cant wait to get one!!!! woohooo for cupcakes!
  9. Took it to the boutique today and all the SAs were rushing to the computer to order theirs...they can't buy the poppy stuff yet and have to order them and hope they are not sold out before they can get to the store. My local boutique is blowing through the poppy line. We have a major University here so that might be why. They said the op art glam tote has been replenished three times! I highly recommend any gals that want this sweet treat to order ASAP. They hit the boutiques on the last week of July.
  10. That is so cute.
  11. I love it. I need to order one of these
  12. It is so so cute.
  13. Love your cupcake! Always room for one more! (Just one more... lol!)
  14. Super adorable. I need one of these!
  15. Okay I forgot to put the details and have gotten a few PMs...

    Item # 92558 OP Art Leather Cupcake Keyfob Color: sv/mc $: 38

    And BUNNY...unfortunately my FedEx guy was greeted by the I have no idea if he is good looking but I know one of the other gals has a "hot" one!