Room for another Coach member?

  1. Hi,
    My name is Jenn and I'm a recent Coach convert. I made a mistake and walked into a Coach outlet at Rehobeth Beach, DE:wtf::drool:. I made it to my first regular Coach store today but managed to make it out without buying anything mainly due to lack of time to adequately decide on anything amongst the LOVELY bags I saw there. Most likely I'll stick to the outlets (3 within a 2 hour drive of me, 2 of which are Signature stores and one which is becoming a Signature store but hasn't gotten any sig merchandise in yet). I hope outlet girls are welcome too.
  2. Welcome to a wonderful addiction-- and to TPF! We're glad to have you! (and the Outlet is the smart way to buy Coach and not break your wallet... as quickly... hehe!) :heart:
  3. Hey welcome! The more the merrier!
  4. Welcome, Tanukiki!! We love the outlets around first two bags came from the San Marcos outlet, and I love them. Brace yourself, though...buying sprees are contagious around here, and we're HUGE enablers!
  5. Oh! I also want to say THANK YOU to so many of the posters from whom I have already learned a GREAT deal about Coach bags and accessories - especially learning to spot fakes! That's why I think I'll stick the the outlets and occasional boutique buys and steer clear of eBay...:nogood:
  6. Welcome to the wonderful world of Coach. We can't guarantee that you won't be tempted to head to a full price boutique after reading and seeing the bags! :yes:
  7. Hi Jenn,
    Welcome to TPF!!
    You will find this forum quite addicting :graucho: & the people are soooo nice!:yes:

  8. Is that the one in TX? I am moving to TX this summer so I think I'll be visiting there. Do you know how far it is from the Dallas area?
  9. O tell me about it! I made the mistake of reading the PCE thread and saw a GORGEOUS chocolate sig Carly bag :drool::tup::wlae:
  10. WELCOME.:dothewave:
  11. It's between Austin and San Antonio, so it's a ways, but definitely doable! It's a GREAT outlet. I wish I lived closer to it, but I was just visiting the area at the time.
  12. There's always room for more! Welcome!
  13. Welcome to TPF - there's always room for more Coachaholics here! There's a 12 bag program you can enroll in right away.
  14. Welcome. Just a warning this place is evil on your bank account!!!!
  15. Welcome! Always glad to meet another Coach addict! :biggrin::flowers: