rookie mistake - let the last one go. help!

  1. Hi! I'm new to the Forum. Was looking at all the pics last night. Went to the Chanel store in SoHo and the salesperson actually had to talk me down from overbuying. I went for a walk to clear my head and decided on the navy metallic reissue, large size. I went back an hour later, they were sold out and she said every Chanel store is sold out-- one store even had a bag stolen. I can't even get on a waiting list anywhere.
    So, now I'm obsessing over it. If anyone knows where i can find reissue in navy metallic 227 or 228, or even get on a wait list i'd really appreciate it. Looks like I learned my lesson!

    Appreciate your responses!
  2. I got a call from my SA at NM Bev Hills that they got the 227 in this morning.
  3. sorry for the double post but check the chanel shopping thread..there's a bunch of posts on where the bag is available :smile:
  4. Good luck finding another one. You could get lucky! So what else did you buy?
  5. I called there today, but i can't remember if they were closed or if they told me they didn't have any left. Could you give me her name?
  6. Thanks for all your help. I went in a totally different direction. SA in SoHo was showing me the size of 227 in the dark silver, bc it was the only color she had. I loved it. So, went with that.. . . And got the navy "wallet on a chain", but I'm still wondering if I'll keep that one. Very happy, though.
  7. post pics!
  8. MiaNY: if you're still interested in the metallic navy 227 NM in tampa bay just got a shipment in this morning. Let me know if you need more details :smile: