RonRons....did I make a sizing error?

  1. Ok. I was told that for RonRon sizing, thanks to Sakura!! :smile: :

    I own the SS '09 Turquoise Suede RonRons (which I bought in a 37) and that anything from FW '09 or later should be approximately my TTS size 36.5.

    So, I'm having a mini panic. I JUST purchased the Lilac (Lavender?!) suede Ron Rons off eBay and I'm scared...are those from SS '09 too??!!? Can anyone confirm their season/year?

    I got them 1/2 smaller than my TTS (36 cause I'm apparently crazy) and I'm already sure they will be tight but now I'm afraid they will be unwearablely tight!!:sweatdrop:

    Perhaps I need some kind of comfort or assurance they just MIGHT fit????:rain:
  2. I think they might be from the old season BUT i have the Ron rons from the new TTS seasons and they strectched with wear so yours might stretch too especially since its suede or you can just stretch them out yourself.
  3. Thanks I'll keep fingers crossed.
  4. The lilac ones are also from SS '09 -

    They will probably be 1/4" inch shorter in length than your turquoise pair.
  5. Big bummer, they didn't fit. Put them right back on eBay cause seller does no returns. :sad: Lesson learned!!

    Funny thing is they fit MU right foot just not my left'