Roni Update

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  1. Took my Roni (in Buff) out on a long shopping trip today. She rode in carts, (no protection), smacked into displays, sat on many counters when I was paying for stuff, even fell off the car seat a few times.

    No worse for wear. No marks, no smudges, nothing. I was concerned that this light, delicate-appearing leather would have to be babied or used only in times when conditions were bag-perfect. No so! :tup: Plus, this bag just looks so darn GOOD! Lots of stares, one woman said I just want to snuggle into that bag! LOL

    I don't think you have to fear the light color OR the leather on this bag. Hope that helps some of you who are considering a Roni.
  2. Awesome info, Grace! Exactly what I was hoping to hear, though I must admit I was nervous! That leather is just sooooo light! I'm so happy to hear that Roni triumphed during her first shopping excursion! :tup:
  3. That's great to hear, especially with all the leather issues this year.

    My Nellie bag also looked perfect after a week of "non Babying". The leather is really smooth and soft which worried me but she came through for me.
  4. Good to hear she made it through her first day of shopping! Now they need to make it in red and I'll be first in line to buy one!
  5. Riding in carts, smacking into displays, sat on many counters, fell of the car seat a few times.... Good grief Grace, what did your Roni do to deserve such abuse on her first day?!! I think you need to give her up and send her to a Handbag Rescue Center.... I can give you my address ;)
  6. I really like the Roni in Buff. That is the only other Kooba bag besides the Blonde elisha I've been checking out
  7. This makes me so happy!!:biggrin:

    This is on top of my Kooba list in black and ivory(:nuts:), how wonderful that the bag held up so well during such manhandling..
  8. no, no! "WomanHandling!" :graucho:
  9. Ahh yes, Grace! Womanhandling!!!

    In the case of manhandling the bag would go down to the garage to watch an oil change, maybe out on the boat for an afternoon of fishing, and then off to the pub for an evening of beer and sports!

    I can't imagine our dear Koobas enjoying to be manhandled! LOL :roflmfao:
  10. That's great to hear. I really like the Roni style and buff is so beautiful!!
  11. WomanHandling..of course, sorry:P