50% Marc Jacobs Patchwork Stam, Juilianne, and Ryder

  1. has 50% off on the following:

    Patchwork stam ( ivory, black)

    Julianne (beige)
    Ryder (black)

  2. there are no pics or handbags
  3. Sorry but are they reputable (Im from Australia and havent heard of this store before)
  4. Thanks..hopefully I got the ryder! :tup:
  5. Ron Herman are a really well respected boutique dept store, so yes def authentic
  6. just ordered julianne! hopefully i get it - got the order no. but still hasn't received the confirmation email. fingers crossed..

    thank you SO MUCH for posting!
  7. Thanks for that.

    Im trying to order but it keeps coming up with this message "
    Error. The Orbital Gateway has received a badly formatted message. Field [AVS STATE] exceeded max length of [2]".

    I just hope it hasnt charged my CC 10-15 times! It doesnt seem to be working for me.
  8. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!:tup::tup::tup::tup:
    I just bought an ivory Marc Jacobs Stam bag, which i've been drooling over! And they ship to Canada! woohoo!
  9. hk318, thanks so much for the awesome tip. I also snagged a Julianne (hopefully...still haven't received the confirmation email today but they said orders after 3 PM PST don't get processed until the next business day). This was an incredible deal!
  10. you are welcome, i was in a rush to post the deal plus ordering for myself, so i completely forgot to include the link and the price....can't multi-task! but i am glad to hear you guys got them :smile:
  11. mkdallas,
    I didnt get an email confirmation either so I called Ron Herman's web office just to make sure - and the order went through. so im thinking they don't do email confirmations?
  12. Gina, I called too and then later this evening received a tracking notice from UPS that it had been sent and will be delivered on 6/19. The guy who answered my call just confirmed that my order went through and then said I'd receive an email notice when it shipped. It was a pleasant surprise that it did indeed ship today, considering I ordered it at 11 PM yesterday.
  13. I missed out! It keep coming with some error. and by the time i asked them what was wrong, it was all sold out! oh well, good for my bank account. more money for Chanel later.
    Congrats on all the ladies you got a bargain!
    show us some pics at the MJ forum when you received the bags.
  14. Thanks :smile: