Rong Cheng; Chinese Robot Receptionist

  1. REUTERS/Claro Cortes IV (CHINA)
    'Rong Cheng', a newly-created robot, sits on display at the Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing August 7, 2006. Rong Cheng, dubbed as the first Chinese 'beauty' robot, is able to respond to some 1,000 Chinese words. She can dance, bow and greet people in the Sichuan dialect as she is destined for the Sichuan Science Museum to serve as a receptionist. The robot costs about 300,000 yuan (US$37,500) to make, according to Xinhua News.

    I'm thinking, she's gonna need a stylist.

  2. Cool, I'd like to talk to her :smile: "Take out the garbage!" "Wash the dishes!" hehehehe....
  3. OT, but I love your new avatar, bagsnshoos!!!
  4. I used to have nightmares about robots. This creeps me out.
  5. Yikes, it does look like she needs a stylist. She looks like a flamenco dancer or something. But, yeah, her face does look a little bit creepy.
  6. Thats kinda cool, but she does look freaky
  7. thanks! thats Billy, our Asian bull playing in his pool.
  8. The men who built her probably thought that super duper pasty ghost white was a good look for her :roflmfao: In all seriousness, being super pale is the ideal in Asia... in any drugstore, probably 80% of the products for skin are whitening. Michael Jackson would love it here! :P

  9. :roflmfao: I just literally LOL'ed over that. :roflmfao:
  10. She's very scary looking.
  11. ^^^she has a cute face, its her outfit that frightens me!
  12. I'd rather she look like a porcelein doll than a blow up doll! -----> : O
  13. I think she is a lot of male employers' fantasy- she has no ideas of her own, she only responds to orders and she never asks for a day off!

  14. that was great
  15. I think she looks good for a robot. I was expecting all metal robot like C3PO or something but in silver.