Rondafaye's Developing Collection

  1. OK, my collection is all home and accounted for -- with the exception of my ice blue first, which is visiting LovinMyBags for color care. Here are the bags, in this order:
    • The firsts: 2005 black, greige
    • The cities: bronze, rouge VIF
    • The days: ink, pale pink, emerald
    • The lone twiggy: cornflower
    • The lone shrug: caramel
  2. Very Nice Collection Ronda...!! LOVE your greige first!!!
  3. The rest:

    • The boxes: sapin, origan
    • The hook: lilac
    • The black toilet case; rouge vif and ice blue make-up clutches; cognac aulmoniere
    • The black, olive, rouge vif and ice blue coin purses; ice blue planet
  4. What a beautiful collection! You take great photos too!! :wtf: I love them all but am particularly drawn to the Greige First :love:
  5. What a gorgeous, well-rounded collection! LOVE it!
  6. Wowsa! Your collection is beautiful & so well balanced. I particulary love the caramel shrug, bronze city, & ink day.:love:
  7. I love all of them! Great collection!
  8. awesome collection!

    I love the charm on the Rouge VIF city. where is it from?
  9. Very pretty collection with a nice variety of sizes and colors. :love:
  10. what a gorgeous collection. its impossible to pick a fave, you have such variety! WOW! you are a lucky lady!
  11. :heart: ur whole collection, but esp. ur firsts & make up cluthes!
  12. Thanks, everyone. I love them all.

    Jem: The charm on my rouge vif city is a Prada trick. I saw one like it on one of le_junkie's bags and had to find it. It took awhile, but I finally found one at Yoox.
  13. I love your collection too !!

  14. thanks! off to find
  15. Ronda, your bags are so versatile in color and style. Can I ask if you have a favorite style? For example, do you tend to use your cities more? I also love all the charms you have hanging from your bags. Very stylish.

    Thanks for these pics. It's nice to see an assortment.