Ronan Farrow

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    Ronan Farrow - Who's your daddy?

    Time to sort through the mountain (okay small heap) of evidence and duke it out, who's more likely to be Ronan Farrow's father?

    In corner 1 we have Woody Allen; the infamous short-sighted, weak, brown eyed, short, lecherous film director and in corner 2 we have Frank Sinatra; the suave, almost as short, famously blue-eyed actor/singer.

    Since photographic evidence would seem to link Sinatra to Ronan more closely then to Allen this is primarily focused on whether Frank Sinatra is Ronan's father.

    Photo comparison:

    Hello have you seen the photos!!!! On a superficial level there's almost no comparison, you have to squint through a tiny keyhole to think Woody Allen is Ronan Farrow's biological son. The similarities from the photo comparison is so strong you almost don't need to go on.

    About 60-80% of someone's height is determined by genetics the rest being determined by environmental factors.
    Woody Allen height: 1.65 m
    Frank Sinatra height: 1.72 m
    Ronan Farrow height: 1.78 m
    Mia Farrow height: 1.62m

    Eye Colour:

    His eye colour is long cited as a piece of corroborating evidence however Ronan Farrow does not have blue eyes as is suggested by the coloured contact she wears, his real eye colour is a greenish hazel (see below). Eye colour is polygenetic (traits are determined by the interaction of many genes) and although it is possible for two blue eyed people to have a brown eyed child (both Frank and Mia have blue eyes) it is statistically less likely than a brown eyed parent (Woody) and blue eye parent producing a hazel/green (or however you would describe the eye colour below) eyed child.

    Poor eyesight:
    There is evidence to suggest that certain eye conditions are genetically inherited, nearsightednes and farsightedness being among them. If one or both your parents have certain eye problems there's a strong chance you will inherit those problems. Woody Allen is shot-sighted and Ronan Farrow has been described as being blind as a bat, I wasn't able to find out if he was nearsighted or shortsighted but his eyesight has always been horrendous. I wasn't able to find good data on what Frank Sinatra's eyesight was like.

    Ronan looks A LOT like Mia Farrow's side of the family:
    Ronan and Mia:

    Before testosterone kicked in the teenage Ronan:

    Mia Farrow's brother when he was younger:

    Hairline/widow's Peak:
    This isn't such strong evidence and could probably also be included in the pro column but I thought I would include it here...
    A widow's peak is dominant inherited trait, if one of your parents has it you should have a version of it. There are varying degrees of widow's peaks. As a young man Woody Allen had a pretty distinct widow's peak, in photos where Ronan's hair is pulled back he also seems to have a subtle widow's peak. As a young man Frank had a pretty straight hairline... Im not sure if hair loss with age counts as a proper widow's peak but Frank's hairline did form a V as it it receded.


    Because this book says so:
    According to this guy Frank Sinatra couldn't have been Ronan's father because around the time he was conceived Frank was incapacitated and impotent following a major abdominal surgery.
  2. he doesn't look like Woody and a case could be made that he looks more like frank. But he really looks a lot like his mother so it could be her genes just dominated and woody is his father. We've all seen kids who are basically clones or one parent.
    In any case, he doesn't seem to want anything to do with woody whether he's his bio dad or not.
  3. He does favor his mother, but there is something in or around the eyes that hints of Frank. I'd bet Frank is the father. I just do not see any of Woody in his face at all.
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  4. Interesting theories.
  5. He def favors his mom...but that nose looks a lot like Woody Allens. Especially the nostrils. Just my 2 cents. He is def a good looking man. either way very interesting!!!
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  7. It seems people just want to believe that Frank is the father, evidence or no evidence. Certainly Ronan wants people to think so.

    However, as Singra posted above, he does seem to favour his mother and his uncle, Mia's brother. The one who is in prison for child molestation.
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  8. He favors his mother and her family. I don't believe Frank or Woody is his father. There have been rumors for years that Woody is sterile. And the Frank angle doesn't seem to line up to me. Only Mia knows who his biological father is and she seems to sway whichever way brings the most attention.
  9. That's a picture of Mia's father.

    Ronan looks like mom Mia and his grandfather John Farrow.

    Apparently Mia was joking when she said it's possible Frank could be Ronan's father. I read Frank Sinatra had a vasectomy years before Ronan was born. Even Nancy Sinatra said it's nonsense that Frank is his father.

    John farrow


  10. I don’t know much about Ronan except the amazing expose he did on Hollywood’s trash.

    So why is his biological dad a secret? Did his mother sleep with both men around the same time and has no clue who the real dad is? Is it more than that? I’m clueless but also dumbfounded by the entire thing.
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    His biological father is not a secret. Well at least not to the parties involved. Woody Allen is presumed to be his father. Mia was married to Frank Sinatra in the 60s when he was in his 50s and she was in her 20s. Ronan doesn't look like his father so people assume he's Frank Sinatra's son since Mia allegedly had an affar with him after their marriage ended. Mia played coy when asked about Ronan's resemblance to Frank years ago. They could have taken a DNA test decades ago if she really believed he Frank's son. People don't take into consideration that Mia's genes.

    Frank and Mia on their wedding day in 1966


    Woody Allen and Mia in 1989

  12. I find it very tacky that Mia has allowed this rumor to float around even if she was joking about the paternity of her son.
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  14. 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

    via Zimbio
  15. I think Frank is his father. I was watching a Sinatra movie when this was all coming out and I was struck by not only how much he looked like Frank, but how much he sounded like him.
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