Ron Ron 100s ready to return to store... Am I making a mistake?

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  1. I just bought my first pair of CL pumps: Black patent Ron Ron 100 in a 39.5

    I wear a US 39 average width, and although the toe box in the 39.5 felt a little snug I convinced myself to buy them and try the sock trick to stretch.

    After several days, I'm worried that they're too small and perhaps because of the 100mm height, I should have gone with the 40 and padded for comfort as necessary.
    Of note, I'm not used to heels quite so high (90mm highest), so think my toes might be happier if I added a ball of foot cushion or some such comfort aide but there's absolutely no room in the current 39.5

    I've been obsessively trying them on hoping they've stretched and finally brought them into work today to return. Now here I am, ready to unpack them again to see if they've magically become more comfortable. (I am losing my sanity!)

    To make the decision that much harder, the store I bought them at don't have a 40, has not yet received their latest shipment from CL, and don't know what they're going to get.

    Should I keep the 39.5 and have them professionally stretched?
    Should I size up to a 40 in the Ron Ron IF they arrive in the next shipment?
    OR, should I move on to a New Simple, or a Simple 100 (both of which I also love)?

    Please help me. :thinking:
  2. Did you check with the ladies in the sizing forum? I'm not sure how much the Ron Rons stretch but I know they will stretch. Have you tried on a size 40 in the Ron Ron? I wish I could be more help. Good luck!
  3. take them back without regret! if they don't fit, you won't reach for them and they will remain an expensive unworn purchase!
  4. I agree with Erin....and I would try on the New Simple since the platform makes them much more comfy. I do think your RonRons will stretch(mine did and I am the same size as you....39.5 was snug but 40 I walked out of)......but the New Simple will be a better 'first' shoe for you IMO since you aren't familiar with the 100hh......HTH!:flowers:
  5. If you keep them and have them professionally stretched, keep in mind that your cobbler can do nothing for length - only width. It sounds to me as if your problem might be becoming acclimated to the heel height without padding. If you do size up to a 40, keep in mind that heel slippage is a real mofo. You want the shoe to fit a bit snug.

    My personal feeling is that you should practice walking in them, on carpet of course so as not to ruin the red soles just in case you do end up returning them, and see if you can get more comfortable with the heel height.
  6. I find that all patent shoes stretch over time and I would be surprised if you would need a 40. However, CLs are notoriously difficult with sizing, since I bought a Ron Ron black 100, size 37 in early 2010, which was a perfect fit and so I confidently bought a Ron Ron nude 100, size 37 in later 2010 and I had to send it back, since it was way too tight for me. Very annoying!

    My black patent Ron Rons from early 2010 were bought true to size and I've found that they have stretched quite a bit and I'm now having to pad them to stop my foot slipping out. So if your new purchase follows my pattern, you would not need to size up. They are a shoe, which does take some getting us to - especially if you are not used to a high heel, since the pitch is quite steep. I would consider that I am still practising - but I do love the look of them and am determined to make them a shoe I can wear all day long!

    You might need to persevere a bit more - or as one member said perhaps try to see how the 40 Ron Ron fits. Hope you can make them work for you. They are lovely shoes. GL! Lovely Simples are always an alternative, of course.
  7. ^^you know maybe i am a foot weirdo, but honestly my shoes rarely stretch. i read all the time people saying they should have sized down because their shoes stretched a zillion percent but even my most worn pairs haven't really budged much without serious sock tricking/blowdryer/cobbler effort.
  8. I love my suede Ron Rons and they are one of the most comfortable heels I have. I am a 36 in Ron Rons, a 35.5 in New Simples. I have padding in th Ron Rons with no problem. I would not suggest going more than a half size up since you will be slipping out of them length wise. make sure the length fits and the tow box should be able to stretch and mold over time
  9. Me too, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one.
  10. If you really love them, I am sure a cobbler could make the patent leather stretches, even more if you just need and extra 0.5 size and not a whole size up. You also have shoe tree strechers that are very usefull .I have used them to stretch my patent Bruges and it has worked very well since I just needed extra 0.5 size up ( I was silly to choose them TTS 8US since I should have needed a 38,5).
    I always find it easier to make smaller shoes wearable than bigger shoes since I do hate heel grip. If you go for the New simple , I recommend you to size up a 0.5 size. I am a 8US and I have 38,5 new simple shoes and they fit perfect. For the 70 Simple I have sized up a whole size (39). Good luck with your decision!
  11. You can go to your nearest target (or shoe cobbler) and get yourself some stretching spray along with a shoe stretcher and see how it goes. I usually spray my shoes and use the stretcher overnight so in the morning they feel a bit more comfy. In my experience you want to have your shoes somewhat snug because they will stretch. JMHO

    P.S. Don't forget "Band-Aid Friction Block" It's like an American Express Card... Never Leave Home Without It!
  12. dnb020060: "Have you tried on a size 40 in the Ron Ron?"

    Unfortunately the 40 is out of stock in all boutiques in my city, so not possible. :sad:

    lizziecat: "My black patent Ron Rons from early 2010 were bought true to size and I've found that they have stretched quite a bit and I'm now having to pad them to stop my foot slipping out. So if your new purchase follows my pattern, you would not need to size up."

    Thanks lizziecat. You mentioned that your black patent, bought in early 2010, were TTS. Does this mean that you bought them in the size that you would wear for a non-CL shoe, like Nine West or S Weitzman?

    Also, can you recall how much room you had at the front of the shoe in length before and after? I'm thinking part of my issue might be because of the 100mm height and perhaps my feet are slipping forward a bit making the toe box feel tighter than it is.

    laurayuki, you said that you're happy with your size 36, is this the size you wear in non-CLs?

    Baggaholic, I hear you! Band-Aid Friction Block is the absolute best! I have one in each handbag.

    Lastly, one more question to all:
    In your opinion, which shoe has more room in the toe box: the Simple 100 or Ron Ron?

    PS: My sweet sweet husband just saw the MC bill... :nuts: ugh, who said joint accounts are a good idea!?!
  13. I'm a foot weirdo too, but not particularly the stretching. But my right foot is longer than my left, but the right heel is narrower than the left. So it makes for very tricky sizing in CL. Very annoying.

    To the OP, I think you should try stretching the toe box before deciding to return. Try socks and a blowdyer.:P
  14. ^ i wear 36 in most CLs except for the new VPs and the new simples which i am a 35.5 I'm a 35 in pigale

    I am usually a size 6 in other US shoes, except for jimmy choos i'm a 35, manolo 35.5

    I am a 35 in dior.
  15. I have both and the Simple 100 has a more generous toebox. I find them both to be remarkably easy to wear (my Ron Ron is a full size up that I have to pad where my simple is my TTS). I would try stretching before returning. It is such a classic and so comfy once it conforms to your foot, which I believe it will.