Ron Jeremy seeks fame . . . with his clothes on

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  1. Fri Feb 16, 8:13 AM

    By Richard Leong

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Porn star Ron Jeremy wants to be taken seriously -- with his clothes on.

    Dressed in a dark track suit with a protruding belly that shows he is past his physical prime, Jeremy hardly strikes you as one of the most successful American porn stars.

    But Jeremy, 53, who claims to have been with more than 4,000 women during a 30-year career, is the first to admit that he is not your stereotypical sex star. He believes his average looks are a key to his success.

    In a new memoir, "Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz," he said audiences identified with him because he was just like them -- hairy, with a mustache and standing just 5 feet 6 inches tall.

    "They look at themselves in the mirror and think, Y'know, compared to Ron Jeremy, I'm not that bad looking at all," Jeremy says in the book released this month.

    Jeremy, who trained to be a teacher, started out as an actor in New York in the mid-1970s but ended up in porn films to make some money after his girlfriend sent off some nude photographs of him to Playgirl. He never looked back.

    But with more than 1,750 adult films to his name and turning 54 next month, Jeremy had few Hollywood directors knocking at his door.

    Jeremy turned to reality TV, joining the second season of "The Surreal Life," which features a group of low-level celebrities living in a mansion in Los Angeles.

    "It increased my audience. A lot of women and children now know me from the show," said Jeremy. "Now I'm getting more work."

    Jeremy, who was born Ron Jeremy Hyatt, can be seen in a spinoff of that series, "The Surreal Life: Fame Games," and had a role in the comedy "Finishing the Game," which screened at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

    In addition to his book, Jeremy is busy with other ventures -- his adult film company, speaking on television and college campuses about sex and pornography, and promotional appearances for products that carry his name.

    But more than ever, he is driven to seize those elusive Hollywood roles. "It's a certain amount of ego," he said. "In my little cloud, I still think I'm an actor."

    Would he like to do more reality television?

    "To me, porn and reality TV are similar. I don't mind being in them," he said. "I just can't stand watching them."
  2. He can do so much... what with two bachelor's degrees and a master's degree.
  3. I liked him on The Surreal Life. (The season he was on was my favorite one.)
  4. Looking at him on TV grosses me out.
  5. Maybe that's why he's so successful as a porn star, because he looks like a regular guy. People watching the videos (guys mostly) wouldn't feel as threatened watching him with a pretty costar than they would watching some muscular, six pack, blonde Flex Buffchest.

    (There's no actual porn star named Flex Buffchest.)

    And if the porn is mostly for guys, the production company is going to have a normal looking guy be with an incredibly beautiful woman. Guys don't care about the actor in the video, they care about the actress.

    If it's one of those companies where the porn is produced for women by women I could see them using more good looking actors.
  6. Didn't he become famous for being able to pleasure himself orally?
  7. LOL. He's actually a pretty nice guy in person aside from his love of telling perverted jokes that even make me blush. :shame:

    And he was pretty darn hysterical in "Orgasmo" (by the Farrelly Brothers)
  8. I met him in person once and asked him if I could take a pic with him. He didn't seem excited to be at the party we were at. Seemed like a nice guy though.

  9. Yes. And for that, he's nicknamed The Hedgehog.

    I saw him in Orgazmo! That was funny!

    He was also the consultant on Boogie Nights.
  10. [​IMG] Pucker Up, Buttercup! :kiss:

    I was picking my mother up at Schipol (Amsterdam) Airport and there were loads of people holding Ron Jeremy signs, waiting for him to come through customs.
  11. I thought he got that name because he is hairy! LOL
  12. When I was in college, he came to one of my classes to speak. He was very entertaining. You can tell he's a pretty smart guy.
  13. ^^ Yes his nickname Hegde Hog came about because of his roly poly short (5feet 7ish) hairy body.
    And from personal experience of being near him in very hot weather....he becomes very sweaty & drippy in hot weather. Nonetheless, he is a good guy and a big supporter of animals (PETA)
  14. You know how hegehogs can roll themselves up into a ball?

    Well, when Ron Jeremy fellatios himself, I can imagine he'd roll into a ball, too.

    Hence the name Hedgehog.
  15. I saw Ron Jeremy in Vegas once. I was walking behind him in the Forum Shops and I recognized him from the back of his head. Didn't even need to see his face! hahaha!:lol: :blush: :shame: He was looking at me as I walked past him, he gave me the creeps. He's a dirty old man.

    And he is wide as he is tall.