Ron Herman 50% sale chloe bags

  1. Hi

    hope someone can take advantage of this (out of my budget at the moment!) chloe bowler bag, large tote, and padlock bag on sale for $830

    I think there might be an MJ too.

  2. ^^ yes, i saw the MJ perforated tote for < $500
  3. Wasn't there someone on this forum recently looking for the Chloe black shopper?
  4. great offers - if only I was in the states
  5. Where is Ron Herman? Do they have a website? TIA :flowers:
  6. I reaaallly want that perforated tote..

    thanks so much :biggrin:
  7. Damnit... i wanted the white!
  8. Annyone knows if there's afree shipping code ??
  9. if only i wasnt on a spending freeze :sad:
  10. That MJ bag isn't lined is it?
  11. Not lined. The leather is very thick, it reminds of Mulberry's.