Romy with a twist: the LIZ - any wearers/fans of this heel?

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  1. Dear all,

    I purchase my first JCS- the LIZ in 85mm in black suede because I got it at 75% off at a department store closedown/outlet. I LOVE how they look (quite sexy i think) and i do not own a pair of black pumps that are modern (i know. dont ask me how thats possible, somewhow i just got nude and red and then heeled sandals in all colours).

    now the liz is not uncomfortable but the toe area is quite squishy/pointy. im thinking due to it being suede surely they will mold to my toes.. will they not? I am unsure if i should return because I will just get a voucher anyway. The back of the heel is a bit slippery - i wouldnt want to dance a waltz in them as it feels a BIT insecure (I did try at home though and it works if I have to.. :biggrin:)

    What do I want them for? chic dinners and maybe work outings. im 29 turning 30 and in desperate need of a pair of oomph luxurious black heels.

    keep and ignore the pressure in the toe area or return?

  2. I love the style. Perhaps you can widen them by wearing them with socks at home?
  3. I am happy to report I have worn them at home and they have already become the MOST COMFY heels on earth. I put a silicon anti-slip sticker on the inside of the heel so that my heel wont slip out and now I have a very good grip in them, they are soft, comfy and oh so lovely. I suppose one shouldnt expect miralces from shoes if they are fresh out of the box! They need to be worn at least once or twice ;) I can highly recommend!
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