Romy!!! Oh ROMY!!! What a BEAUTY!!!

  1. I opened the box and was so surprised at how LOVELY this bag is!! Its HUGE, and just gorgeous!!
    pics 569.jpg pics 570.jpg
  2. I still have the plastic all over the corners but the hardware is SHINY and I think my lense needs to be cleaned on my camera!! lol
  3. Nice! Congrats!
  4. Modeling pics please!!!!!with the doggies and their purses also!!!!!:heart:H
  5. yes, please - modeling pictures... i am dying to see this one!!
  6. Sunshine, that is one Gorgeous Gucci! Wow! It looks like it will add amazing style to any outfit. Contemplated this one and wish I had bought it. I did buy the Romy heels but they were too big for my ankles:crybaby:. Enjoy!
  7. That bag is gorgeous. I sure looks like it can go with almost anything
  8. very cute!congrats!
  9. WOW... I could never pull this bag off! It is stunning though! THis is another one of those bags that screams sexy... Congrats!
  10. hot hot bag, I'm starting to fall madly for Gucci! Nice sunshine. sexy hot.
  11. Hot!!:woohoo::tup:
  12. Congrats!
  13. Yeah, thats hot. I could picture it with many a sexy dress. And especially those matching gucci stilettos. Did you get a good deal on it??

    I need a good clutch, I leaning towards a Choo though.
  14. OMG Sunshine!! Where did you find this romy tote bag??? I've been hunting for this one since June. I called everywhere for this bag, and was told that it's SOLD OUT. omg, i'M DROOLING ...........! Is there any left by any chances??? Please let me know. TIA.
  15. How much was this bag?