Romy 110

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  1. Hello
    I'm thinking of buying my first pair of jimmy choos in a few weeks :smile:
    I'm just wondering if any of you ladies have any tips with sizing for jimmy choos,I'm looking at buying the Romy 110.Also do anyone have any pictures of your self in these :smile: thank you x
  2. Hi, I don't have the Romy but I do own a pair of Abel, also Louise and Isla. I'm a 34.5 or 35 depending on the style of Choos. My Abel is a 34.5 because it's cut quite low on the toes and needs the extra snugness to stay on me. My Ilsa and Louise are both size 35. I have quite broad feet and I find Choos very comfortable.
    My Isla
    My Abel
    Hope this helps :flowers:
  3. I have the Romys in a 38 - they seem true to size to me as this is my typical close-toed shoe size.
  4. Can anyone compare the Romy fit/sizing (110s or 100s) to Manolo BB 105s?? I love my BBs, but I want a non-patent leather nude pump, and can't find one in the BBs. Would love to try the Romys. I wear 37 in BB and also the Choo Mendez booties in 37. In some other shoes I need 37.5. Thanks!!
  5. I think they are tts