Romeo, Juliette is at my house!

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  1. here she is with the long strap doubled.

  2. Love, love, love the shape of the bag and the color! You wear it well! Thanks for sharing pictures!
  3. I want this bag. Congrats
  4. Me too!
  5. Very nice! This looks very cute when worn by the long strap. Congrats and thanks for sharing.
  6. Love your bag, and the way you doubled the straps. Thanks for the mod shot.
  7. What a beautiful color! It looks great on you! (And loved your thread title, so funny!)
  8. I think I need one of these. She's gorgeous; congrats!
  9. Great idea with the straps.....the color is stunning, I am biased of course since i have the Isabelle in magenta. Do the small straps fit on the shoulder at all ?
  10. Does the juliette have an outside zipper pocket?
  11. yes it does.
  12. Very nice color and shape! Congrats!
  13. More pics please? Can you do a mod shot with the short straps and then one by itself so we can see it puddle?
  14. I haven't tried the shorter straps on the shoulder yet but I don't think they would fit mine.

    I love Isabelle too but it was a little too deep for my liking and I like buckles on my purses.
  15. I love this bag! Sophia with all the features i always wanted!