Rome! Recomendations?! Going next week...

  1. Okay so my fiance and I are going to Rome next week for 5 days. We haven't booked a hotel yet, so I'd love some recommendations on hotels, restaurants, and of course shopping!! I :heart: Gucci & Prada and in general all things Italian! (Are things cheaper over there with the VAT refund?)

    I'd especially be interested in something to keep for the home b/c my fiance and I have started a tradition where we get a piece of art or something handmade for our home whenever we travel.

    Restaurant recommendations would also be great (here goes my diet!) - freshly made pasta is the best.
  2. Oh you will love Rome, so much to see & do. I would suggest a piece of Capo Di Monte (originally made in Naples) to bring home, some really nice pieces! I buy some each time I go. Put it into Google you should find some samples. Enjoy!
  3. Oohh.. you can pick up those Murano Glass Pieces in Italy.

    You must visit Via Condotti which leads up to the Spanish Steps

    That road has all your designer shops, and theres a Ferrari Shop at the other end of Via Condotti (away from the Spanish Steps) for your fiance to look at too
  4. I stayed at this hotel: The Accademia Hotel last Thanksgiving and I loved it. It's only few steps to the Trevia Fountain, and few blocks(walkable) to the Spanish Steps...where all the boutiques are at.
  5. We stayed at the St. Regis, it was walking distance to the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and great shops as well. . . have fun, what a fantastic vacay!
  6. Ooh. You will LOVE Rome. We stayed at the Hilton Cavalieri last June and it was wonderful. It is not in the heart of the city, by any means, but there is a shuttle that runs near the Spanish Steps area every 30 mins. The hotel and grounds are beautiful, and eating by the pool with a live band was so romantic. The best restaurant in Rome is La Pergola, which is on the top of the hotel, but try to make reservations NOW. We tried the first day we arrived, and we couldn't get a reservation for any of the 7 nights we were there. BUT, they said to come have cocktails and hors d'oeuvres any night, and you sit outside and see the whole city below and around you, including the Vatican. That was almost better as it is outside and the restaurant is inside. Breathtaking view.

    Definitely go to the La Via Condotti for all the great shops. (and look down the side streets for shops like Versace's) If I had to do it again, I would stay at one of the hotels around the Spanish Steps, but my husband said he would want to stay at the Cavalieri again. It really is great...I'd just prefer personally to be able to stay where all the action is. But The Cavalieri is so gorgeous that it would tempt me to stay there again too. (ask for a room facing the pool and grounds!)

    Google places you will NOT want to miss while in Rome. You probably know the main ones already, but make sure you don't miss one that might not have popped into your mind. Enjoy and tell us *everything when you get back. :smile:
  7. Hotel Santa Maria in Trastevere Hotel Santa Maria - Rome (Albergo in Roma, Italia)

    We got married in Rome this past October and stayed here for the first time. We've stayed in nearly every major ($$$$$) and minor hotel in Rome -- we go there at least once a year -- and this is by far the nicest. It's on the St. Peter's side of the river and a maximum 10-15 walk to all the major sites in the historic center.
  8. How great! You picked an amazing location!!! Have a blast- the St Regis is beautiful :love:
  9. I just have the most amazing memories of Rome, so I hope you really enjoy your trip. I get to go back 2x this year, once with family, once with my bf, and I'm so looking forward to it! It'll definitely still be cold, but at least you won't have to deal with the crowds of tourists that invade the city after Easter.

    With my bf we're staying at Hotel Ponte Sisto (www.hotelpontesisto) but actually, you might enjoy the hotel recommended in Trastevere too, definitely one of the best neighborhoods in Rome. Lots of bars, cafes, restaurants, shops... Rome is so enjoyable to just walk around and see all the sites... there are lots of places to explore. You should also check out trip advisor for hotel reviews, I've found them to be pretty reliable. San Crispino and Giolitis are usually rivals as the best gelato in Rome, so you'll obviously have to try both (and I'm sure a few others too, on the plus side, it is supposedly healther for you than ice cream:smile:). I also love the amazing views of the city from Gianicolo.

    Have an awesome trip!
  10. Okay we're staying by the Spanish Steps - any restaurant recommendations?
  11. I love Rome. Via Condotti (starts at the bottom of the Spanish Steps) is amazing. Their are some great shops around that area.

    We ate at Ristorante Conte di Galluccio. It was amazing. It's at Via Vittorio Veneto. The address is Via Vittorio Veneto, 2/c. Roma (P.zza Barberini)
    It has an outside Veranda that you can eat at. There is an AMAZING Gellato place a few doors down. Sorry I can't seem to find the name of that place.

    Have a wonderful time!!