"Rome" on HBO

  1. Anyone here watch it ????:yes:

    I LOVE this show !
  2. I've seen every episode. It's a great show!
  3. I :heart: Rome too!! Too bad this is the last season.
  4. This is the last season?
    I watch it, I've got the new episode recorded at the moment...have not watched it yet.
  5. WHat??? I didn't hear this was the last season... Why???
  6. I watched it and it is historically inaccurate - makes my blood boil when I watch it. There's a lot of inaccuracies the most simplest would be the senetor's togas which are lined in red, Ceasar's appearence etc etc. Last night's episode or what I saw of it had Cleopatra dining with Marc Anthony and Atia - Marc Anthony invited Cleopatra to Tarsus NOT Rome, Atia would have been no where near that. Anyway I am sorry to bash it too much since the show seems to have soo many fans. I will concede there are some good points - the sets are well done, the filth, the graffiti, colourful houses shown on the show are a welcome change from the usual Hollywood production of Rome where everything is pristine white marble.
  7. I got sucked into it last season - so far, this season is ok. To be honest, I am not very "up" on ancient history - so, for me it is just entertainment. I can see how, if you were knowledgable about Roman history the inaccuracies would be bothersome.
  8. Love it!! HBO rocks.
  9. Of course there will be historical inaccuracies. Isn't that the case with most of Hollywood ???:yes: I mean just take Pullo and Vorenus alone. It kind of reminds me of Forest Gump where there were pieces of history revolving around him, and obviously that's not what really happened. Just take Rome for what it's there for: entertaiment. HBO certainly hasn't marketed it as a documentary !

    And YES it is the last seaon:sad: as HBO says it's not getting enough viewers and it's too costly to keep it going:shrugs:

    The first season was better (so far), but then again, last night was only episode 2 of the 2nd season;)
  10. While it isn't a documentary I think they do a great job of projecting what life was like in Rome during that time period. I have been to the HBO forums and several history buffs feel the same way. Even Vorenus' wife was cast because of her exotic mid-eastern type look, which was present in Rome during that time.

    It will be interesting to see exactly what happens this season. Historically, I think Marc Antony marries Octavia (Attia's daughter and Octavian's sister) and then leaves her for Cleopatra. I don't see Marc Antony having any interest in Octavia so maybe they skip over that part??
  11. my thoughts exactly. certainly they take enormous liberties with the facts -- attia was married and living with octavius's step-father, who outlived her. octavius wasn't called "octavian" until after he was adopted by julius caesar -- which occurred well before caesar's death. speaking of which, caesar wasn't assassinated inside the senate building. but they've managed to take some core material and fictionalize/dramatize it in a way that brings the culture alive. and it's fascinating to see such a different way of relating to the world, other people, divinity etc. anyway, i love it.
  12. I bought the DVD's, love it!
    I bet it is expensive to produce!
  13. I LOVE this show, and I LOVE Kevin McKidd, who plays Lucius Vorenus. I was halfway through season 1 before I realized that McKidd was in Trainspotting (he played Tommy).
  14. my bf is big fan of it so i've started watching it as of season 2...can't wait for on demand to have the whole first season!
  15. Exactly it's not a documentary-doesn't purport to be, so a good deal of it is bound to be fictionalized. This is my first season watching it, the violence can be a bit much for me, I understand that it has it's place though, overall I really enjoy this show.