Rome Inspiration and Reveal

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  1. Just spent a week in Rome. So inspired and delighted by all the sights, food and wine. Wanted to get a souvenir at LV and had been considering the Rosalie but decided against it once I saw it. Then I saw the perfect travel companion. Her color reminds me of the pastels I saw in the Vatican. I love that she will always remind me of my special trip.

    The museums at the Vatican and the soft pastels everywhere.


    My travel companion reveal.


    My new zippy wallet in Rose Ballerine.
  2. That RB's gorgeous! Did you go to the LV maison? :smile: Thanks for sharing your magnificent photos of Rome! :hbeat:
  3. Yes, I went to the boutique on Via Conditti but purchased at the Etoile location in Piazza Di S Lorenzo.
  4. Gorgeous! Congrats!!
  5. Congratulations!!!
  6. Your pictures makes me want to go back! Especially for that RB zippy! What a great souvenir from your trip! It's my favorite wallet! You'll get a lot of use out of her! Enjoy:smile:
  7. Beautiful pictures!!!!! Enjoy!
  8. What lovely pictures! Congrats on the new wallet. It's one of my favorite piece.:heart:
  9. Lovely!
  10. Beautiful!
  11. Wow!!! I am impressed! A Rome visit is on my bucket list! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Beautiful! Congrats!
  13. beautiful wallet - congrats!!
  14. beautiful wallet + pics. thank you for sharing
  15. So lovely!! Hope you had a wonderful trip!