Romas - stiff or slouchy? Which one is yours?

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  1. It seems that some Romas are slouchy and some retain their shape and stay pretty stiff...
    The one I ordered and returned was hard as a rock, I could not see any potential for it to slouch at all... The BV website shows nicely slouched Romas, and so some of the TPFr pictures on this forum...

    Roma owners - please share your experience with your bags - are some meant to be softer or is it just a matter of time?

    I am not giving up on Roma just yet ;)
  2. Someone with more experience will have to pipe in here, because I am not sure what accounts for the difference. I have one of each. The elephant one is stiff. I purchased my ferro one second hand, so I don't know what it looked like to begin with.

    There is a weight difference too. The elephant (stiff one) feels heavier. The ferro one doesn't feel very heavy.



    Really slouchy

  3. Good grief - what a difference! Is there anything in the Elephant Roma or is it standing up that much all on its own?!? How can that even be the same bag as the Ferro...
  4. Bookermouse, I agree they don't even look like the same bag!! In those pictures there is nothing in either bag--not even tissue.

    If you touch the ferro leather it is very, very soft and inviting. The elephant leather is very stiff and doesn't give much.

    I got the ferro first. But before I got it I had noticed what mouseptrolix brought up--that there are two different looks out there. The Romas I had seen in person before then looked like my elephant one--very stiff. I was excited when I got the ferro because it is very light and because it is that slouchy it is a very relaxed looking bag. I was also happy with the elephant because I like having one that looks very structured!!

    But there have to be some ladies out there with some answers! Is it that the Romas come in different leathers? Or will the elephant relax over time and look like my ferro? That seems like quite a stretch (Oh! a pun!), because the leather is so stiff now.
  5. Let's wait for our roma queen...., ReRe?
  6. I can't comment, because I don't have one yet, but I love that Ferro Roma.
  7. Yeah, I love being the queen of something. My two older Romas,the ferro and old petra, look like the ferro pictured, very slouchy and puddled on the floor. It may have to do with the elephant being new. My marmo is the newest and it holds its shape better than the older ones, so possibly the "slouch" takes a bit of time to happen. But I'm sure the Marmo will puddle soon. It is very soft to the touch. Doesn't the same thing happen with Venetas after they've been used?
  8. Don't mind if I pitch in too. When I first got my Ferro Roma it was alil stiff. Maybe not as stiff as the Elephant one above but here's a pic to give you an idea:


    Got in late '08, no stuffing in it.

    Then after a few months of pretty frequent usage, it got very slouchy and beautiful to touch as you can see in this pic:


    HTH! The Roma is my favourite bag for work although it is a bit heavy for weekend usage. Gorgeous bag though- my first BV and I'm still in love with it :P
  9. sngsk - great pics...mine looks just like it, but you are right, originally I remember that they stood up for the pics.
  10. Are these Romas made in Nappa or Nappa Umbria? (Remember that thread about the differences between these?) (working from memory....) NU is waxed, tougher, stiffer, not as soft feeling as Nappa? Someone help here!
  11. I have a Roma bag in Moro, leather code is V7782. I have no idea what that is. But it is slouchy and had to be held up by a hook in this picture. I remember getting it and locking the bag. Then I could not open the lock for 10 minutes. Never locked it again.

  12. Heehee Jburgh .. and you're the professional mod!!
    Ok I just looked at the tag in my Pyramid and it is the same leather code V7782 and I'm (pretty) sure that this is Nappa Umbria. So even NU softens....
    Do the metallics soften too?
  13. I have the ferro and it slouches.

    But agree, Jburgh is professional photographer-getting out hooks to hold up her bag!!
  14. jburgh,

    the leather code is helpful! I didn't know which numbers on the tag are the leather code. Both of mine are V7782 also . So I guess the elephant will end up slouchy too.

    What is so weird is the bags weight-wise feel completely different. The stiff one feels much heavier than the slouchy one. That's probably just an illusion based on the way they look (is that possible?)

    I even took one for the team and asked a member of the purse police to see if she thought there was a difference in the weight. Unfortunately it took her a few moments to get over the fact that there was more than one Roma in the secret closet. :shame: After the inevitable stern lecture :lecture:, she said the slouchy one was much lighter.
  15. LOL! The same thing happened to me. I did not think it was possible for me to be stumped by a clasp. I feel like I've owned every variety of bag ever manufactured. I ended up having to go a different member of the purse police who opened it in 2 seconds flat with the inevitable "rolling of the eyes and sigh".