Romantic Ideas!!! Got any?

  1. Ok, so my husband is in the military and he has been gone on TDY for the past month and a half. He comes home on Tuesday evening :biggrin: and I could not possibly be anymore excited! But, I've been trying to brainstorm of a cute idea for something to do when he gets back--some sort of surprise, or something. The only problem is he's getting home about 10-11p.m. so I can't do the typical nice dinner plan cuz it will be too late etc. I also have night class that evening so it will have to be either something that I can do before I leave--or quickly once I get back.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks girls! :heart:
  2. decorate the bedroom? Maybe some flowers and stuff...
  3. I would lay out a trace with rose leaves from your front door to your bedroom. Put some of the leaves on the bad as well. Decorate your bedroom with candles so you have a nice romantic light. He might be hungry so you could prepare finger foods (little sandwiches, fruits) which you can feed him in the bed. Wear something nice like your most sexy underwear and the rest is between you both...
    Good luck!!
  4. A scavenger hunt? Love notes for him to randomly find? Bake for him!!!
  5. oh I love the small snacks n love notes.. that is so romantic.. yeah, n also have a romantic song on the background..
  6. I don't know if you like this idea, but it works! BUY Victoria's Secret very sexi and hot underwear, light of table lamp and food on your body, maybe fresh strawberries or chocolate, because that's afrodisiathm...
  7. Definitely, he'll be wanting the lingerie and food first, if I know men.
    Maybe later, I just found out hot air balloon rides are available in Exton, PA outside of Philly, champagne included. My husband loves the idea. Maybe they have a company near you that does that. You even can help with setting up the balloon. My husband loves adventure.
  8. I say dinner, maybe a movie but also just time to spend talking and in each others presence

    while it's not romantic it's necessary to reconnect as i'm sure you know
  9. Maybe put on some of that edible body lotion Jessica Simpson makes? That could make things interesting;) :P
  10. Thanks everyone for all your ideas--I'm attempting to blend them all together so I can do a little bit of everything!!

    Thanks again, I really appreciate it!! :biggrin:
  11. and don't forget a candlelit bath with loads of lovely bubbles (a few rose petals on the top), and a bottle of champagne on ice in there - he will be putty in your hands, but I am guessing really, that the most romantic thing for both of you is seeing each other again :smile:
    Hope you have a fabulous night tomorrow.
  12. ^^ Bath sounds divine!!!
  13. How about a quick trip to the bedroom know, using some of the ideas previously mentioned. Then present him with the tv remote control wrapped with a ribbon and have his favorite beverage and snacks and just spend time next to him, just being together. (This was my DH's idea)
  14. wow these are great! Nice tips girls :smile:
  15. Thanks again everyone sooo much. I'm getting all excited--I'm going shopping tomorrow to get all the goods I'll need lol.

    I think I'm going to start off with renting a few movies he's been saying he wanted to see and have all his favorite snacks made. Just so we can ease into the bedroom stuff lol. I haven't seen him for over a month--so it makes me feel slutty to just jump right into bed lol.

    But I'll have the bedroom ready for later!! I'm going to make some chocolate covered strawberries and get something 'hot' (hopefully he'll think so anyways lol)to wear. And I'm going to put rose petals on the floor/bed and have the candles around and ready to light right before we go in there.

    Only two more days :biggrin: Thanks again girls!