Romance of the Birkins... (warning graphic picture)


May 8, 2006
So today I got to meet up with the lovely CXYVR finally. We live about 25 minutes from eachother and are probably one of the very few Hermes fans in the area. She's adorable and young and very sweet. We did a little shopping for coats for her and she fell for a Beaver coat. The funniest was when C she said to me, "Elana, you love Beavers" and the saleswoman looked at me so oddly. :roflmfao:

After we left another store, the SA that rung up my pants, chased us down outside and asked, "Who makes your bag? You ladies are so chic" :shame:

Our Birkins had some hot monkey love on a bench briefly...
(my 35cm Rouge Garance Clemence & her 35cm Togo Gold- both from the SA we share. lol). Sorry for the bad pixilation, had to shrink the pics.
Isn't it great when you get together???? I'm so glad you two got to spend some time together!!!! I'll be you haven't stopped laughing yet!!!!!
Nice that you got to meet up! Love the two bags together. Did you get a pic of the two gals together too?

We didn't. I'll post a pic of my outfit in the action thread though.

Ms. Twilly, I was so blown away that she chased after us out of the store, I said something like, ""
E you are so funny. I will be dreaming of beaver tonight b/c of you.

I was so lucky to meet a friend like Japster. She is fun, energetic and friendly.