Romance novels pose threat to women's sexual and emotional health - medical journal

  1. This cracked me up LOL

  2. JMO, but this is such overanaylzed bullish*t. People take themselves way too seriously.

    I read a similar article about how Twilight is evil and the main characters are in an abusive relationship and it's going to single handendly ruin the minds and lives of this generation.
  3. Interesting..I read romance books and crime fiction books. I have not yet been reduced to a gibbering mess because my relationship isnt a fairy tale, or a pshyco axe murderer because thats what many of the books I read are about (well not axes specifically but you get my drift)

    What is wrong with people, seriously?? When are we going to take some responsibility for our lives instead of blaming other people!!!!
  4. I don't even read romance novels, but...

    If reality is a requirement in our fiction, then I guess no one should be reading sci-fi, fantasy, period, or anything that has anything not based in the real world?

    And if romance is such a threat to women, I wonder if there is a corresponding study for the effects of porn on men's sexual and emotional health.
  5. Apparently those of us who read romance novels are silly little twits without brains in our heads, and can't separate fiction from reality. I also love Star Trek but I suppose watching it is detrimental to my mental health, giving me an unhealthy and unrealistic view of a future where world hunger has been abolished and races from lots of planets all get along with each other.

    Shame on me for not being able to distinguish between what the world is like now and what could have been or what could be, in FANTASY!

    I'm probably taking this too seriously since I haven't had enough coffee yet this morning, but I found this article insulting and it really rubbed me the wrong way.
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    fiction = NOT real

    i know this...i'm sure most other women know this.

    where is the study that shows that porn ruins a man's sexual and emotional health?

    or are we women just so weak and slow witted that we don't know how to differentiate between reality and a fictional book? :noggin:

    ** WOW - mockinglee! we pretty much posted the same thing. i didn't realize it until after i posted. great minds think a like ;)
  7. I was watching a Japanese tv show the other day, and one "specialist" was saying that there was a study done in the U.S. that looked at the correlation between liking "Cinderella" and women in abusive situations, and they came to the conclusion that those women who liked the story "Cinderella" as children tended to stay in abusive situations longer than those who didn't because, just like in the story of "Cinderella" where the protagonist endured constant abuse from her sisters eventually to find happiness with her prince, they said that people who liked "Cinderella" were more likely to think that as long as they endured the abuse, they would eventually find happiness.

    I've never heard of anything so ridiculous. This study too also assumes that people (women in particular in this study) don't have the ability to separate reality from fiction.

    (The show's called: "Honma Dekka?" if anyone who knows Japanese wants to check it out ^^; )
  8. So if romance novels are bad for us then i guess so are movies, tv shows, plays, musicals, pretty much anything with a happy ending..what a load of horse s***
  9. I have to agree with all of the above. Anytime a person cannot distinguish between fiction and reality there is a problem, not just of unhappiness but likely of psychosis. ANY fiction, whether it is a book or movie or pornography or music or theatre or any other medium, can cause unrealistic expectations if a person believes it to be true. While I don't read romance novels, like a PP above mentioned, I have read and watched the Star Trek series. I am now frightened that my "emotional health" is at risk due to my unrealistic expectations of the future. :rolleyes:
  10. So what about people like me who love Cinderella but realise that in real life Prince Charming doesnt really exist. No man will ever be perfect but the whole point of a relationship is to compromise.

    I also have never been in an abusive relationship hoping for the fairytale ending because its life not a fairytale (plus I wouldnt be with someone who wasnt very nice)

    What exactly would be the point in fairytales if they basically turned around and said "Cinderella divorced Prince Charming within a year" What little girl wants to hear that? Yes thats life but even adults want to escape from reality for a while, the majority of us arent stupid enough to confuse the 2. All you have to do is look at the glass shoes..I mean how uncomfortable must they be?? Nobody in reality can wear those surely!! Therefore Cinderella=ficton uncomfortable shoes=reality :p
  11. LOL!

    These studies are just over analyzing our lives! I don't believe this one bit!
  12. I can see some women taking the romance thing too far. Just like others mentioned, you can do the same with any other type of medium, regardless of gender. I've known some girls who have unrealistic expectations of love and many of them read romance novels and still watched Disney princess movies. I doubt the movies made them that way, but I suspect, they were drawn to those types of mediums. But most people that read romance novels are probably just reading it for fun and live in reality. It's escape and it's fun. No biggie.
  13. I was reading Harlequin just to find out more about sex when I was a kid, due to the lack of credible info from friends. It didn't really prove very useful of course (apart the very interesting parts of hard manhood :giggles:smile:, nor did it ruin my relationships, or my expectations out of men. It sure made me slightly obsessed with hard manhood but I think it is quite innocent and natural for hot blooded gals.

    If those light romance novels are dangerous what do the studies have to say about Sex and the City? I bet the series convinced many women that one can have a huge collection of high end shoes, live in Manhattan, and party every night, with as little work as writing 1 article per week in a newspaper.
  14. Lol!
  15. I wonder what these "your fantasies must be grounded in reality" types would think of furries and cosplayers. :woot: