Roman Holiday

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  1. hey guys. here's another batch of photos from our family holiday:

    via Condotti boutique in Rome:


    im pretty sure this current location used to be Valentino (which has moved next door to a much smaller space). it certainly wasn't as big when we were here last.

    here's the popular LED steps:


    "stairway to heaven" indeed :angel:

    spotted within: Mahinas, Mirror Hearts (they really don't seem to be as limited as i thought :confused1: ) Mono Bequia PDV in bordeaux, heaps of the new Vernis colour....

    here's the other less visited San Lorenzo in Lucina boutique:


    only a small selection of bags and leathergoods and women's RTW.

    more photos from another city to follow shortly ;)

  2. Hey dd
    I thought you were in Paris...
    You finally travelled through europe!!! How nice!!
    Thanks for the pics...and if you want you can come to Greece it's only 80 minutes from rome!!! lol
    Have fun and we all wait anxiously to see your new gems!
  3. You lucky little devil. I am slogging here for the new year and you're touring the world.

    Good timing though as the new men's bags just launched.
  4. thanks for the invite bagmaniac23, but we're several timezones away already. maybe next time ;)
  5. Wow- the first store looks so unassuming from the outside but dazzling inside!
  6. Wow it looks lovely.
  7. thxs for pics...u r so LUCKY..:tup::yes: any shopping so far?:graucho: what city is next?
  8. Hey don't mention it...
    You are always welcome here...this little country can use some glamour!!!!!
    Where are you know anyway??
    Please gather all the loots together and show us!

    Thanks for giving some of your precious, I'm sure, time to update us!!!:tup:
  9. I love Rome!! I've been there several times and every time I came home with a piece of city in my heart!
    I hope you had a wonderful time in Rome!
  10. Thanks for sharing.... I alwas love looking at photos of the boutiques!
  11. Love love Italy. Wish we could do some traveling this year, thanks for sending the pictures
  12. Loving the pictures!
    Thanks for sharing!
  13. I visited the via condotti boutique when I was in Rome Jan 20 and 21st (It was so close to the Hassler where DH and I stayed)! You are right, they seemed to have lots of items that are much harder to get in the US...I was able to buy a silver mirror heart and a pomme vernis cosmetic case!
  14. Thanks for the update D! Look forward to seeing more of your beautiful photos of LVs around the world!

    Maybe you should come to Singapore next year when the new LV stores are built, I hear there will be at least 2 multi-floored stores. I can't wait to visit them when they're ready :nuts:
  15. ^^ thanks for the invite Orodruin. we just might visit Singapore as we're planning a major Asian tour next ;)