Roma questions...

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  1. I really, really like the look of this bag. Right now I'm in love with slouchy (Veneta). Does this bag seem like a slouchy tote? I won't get the chance to try it on irl, just order one (fleabay, BF).

    How does it differ (other than the obvious lock detailing).

    It is the stiffer, waxed leather? Umbra?

    And anything else you can tell me please:smile:
  2. sunspark - Since I have been carrying my Moro Roma for the past several days, I'll jump right in.

    My Moro Roma is nappa umbria, but it really isn't stiff. Because the bag has three separate compartments it is definitely more structured. IMHO, it is not as casual looking as a Veneta. The leather is soft and it does have some slouch. I can adjust the handles to the longest length and it fits over my shoulder. But the fit, for me, is tight. I carry this bag in the crook of my arm. I think it looks better when the strap is buckled in the middle hole, rather than the last one anyway. The center compartment has a cell phone pouch. And, the center compartment secures with a magnetic snap. The back inner wall has a zippered pocket. It is a big bag and heavier than a Veneta. I really like the Roma.

    On another thread someone mentioned they felt the Roma was more business-like. In my opinion it is not a young girl's bag. It just has a more mature vibe to me. But then, I was born when the hula hoop was introduced, lol :girlsigh:

  3. By the time jburgh was born, I had already mastered the hula hoop and I agree, the roma has a mature look. I think it's a great style for business woman.
  4. Weelll, I was not around when the hula hoop was invented nor have I mastered the hula hoop...but I do carry a Roma! It definitely is more business like than the rest of BV's bags, but it still has some slouch that is typical of BV. I mostly carry mine for travel since I really don't carry much for everyday use. I will say it is the one BV bag that gets really heavy after a while, especially if it's loaded up, but the handles are comfortable and yes you can get it on your shoulder if the handles are on the last hole.
  5. I don't even want to talk about how long I've been around, but here is my two cents worth. I do think this bag is more business like, what I would describe as more sophisticated, but it reminds me of a squishy Birkin. And who could not want a Birkin?? Not as casual as the hobo bags, but to me its not heavy at all, but I'm a Chloe girl and used to lugging those heavy leather bags with metal locks so what do I know. Slouchy hobos are definitely not my style, everything falls in the bottom. I like the compartments, I put my wallet and credit card case in the center one for security. Also because its so squishy and the compartments smoosh together if you don't load the end compartments up, it doesn't really seem that big to me.
  6. Thanks for all the input ladies. I think you've saved me from making a mistake. I do like the looks, but will stick with my hobos:smile: