Roma Bag

  1. There are so many bags that I want right now, and the Roma bag is one of them. I am not familiar with BV colors, pros and cons.

    I like the Roma in Maroon (as shown on website) and Shadow doesn't look that bad either. I saw on this forum there is Elephant color but I don't seem to see it on website.

    I wear a lot of blacks. Can anyone let me know how Maroon looks like in real situations (not professionally taken photos)? Does Shadow get color transfer easily?
  2. Maroon is very beautiful. It is like a deep reddish purple. Roma in that colour will be divine. If you wear lots of neutrals this season is for you. There are so many beautiful colours. I have a Steel (taupe colour) Roma and don't have colour issues with my jeans so far.
  3. my advice is
    if you live near a BV go in and look at it
    if not and you are in the USA
    find an SA and see if they will consign it to you
    my SA is joyce in the atlanta store
    she is great
    3500 Peachtree Road Northeast Space 1104A Atlanta, Georgia 30326
    P.: 404-467-8705
  4. In terms of color, I think Maroon will definitely be fall winter only while Shadow is more year round.

    In terms of style, the Roma seems to be one of BVs more formal structured bags. I admit to liking a more casual vibe so I don't see myself buying one. That said, it is really pretty.
  5. The reason you don't see Elephant Roma on the website because Elephant is considered seasonal color and once the season passes, BV does not sell it anymore.
  6. I was in Vegas the other day and saw the shadow Roma irl. It's one she grayer than last season's steel color ( which I bought in a Roma which is more of a taupe than shadow is to grey) but very similar. There is a color called canyon right now that I would have passed over on the net but now have to have after seeing in person. It is anothe chameleon color that looks rich with blacks- like a rusty brown and vibrant with browns a like a bricky red. I'm determined to get a tote in it. Either of those current colors would be great for versatility. As far as the style, it's a bag you have to carry with your forearm and is quite heavy. It looks so chic and timeless though. I get lots of compliments.
  7. "As far as the style, it's a bag you have to carry with your forearm and is quite heavy. It looks so chic and timeless though."

    If you make the straps as long as possible, can you wear it over your shoulder?
    Or does that look funny? I love this bag but want to wear on shoulder, do not live near BV store.
  8. I went to the boutique to try it out. The boutiques here did not take in Maroon. I tried Shadow which looks good against my black dresses. My husband prefer brown (Moro?) as he finds it more classic and easy to repair if leather gets worn or scuffed. Moro looks good against my printed dresses but dull against black. My husband has a point against buying seasonal colors so I am stuck.
  9. You can adjust the straps a couple inches but I'm reluctant to do so because like with a belt, if I adjust the straps and decide later to tighten them up again, you will see where the buckle was moved. Does that make sense? Like if you gain weight and then put a belt on a further hole, the hole you left behind will show use as well as the leather. I almost did it yesterday, just for fun.
    Also, I'm not sure that by carrying it under your arm, it wouldnt smash the form a bit. Some love when their romas relax. I personal like it boxier. I had trouble with it at first but now am accustomed to the forearm carry and frankly it shows the bag off. I have now decided to get the intrecciato tote or maybe even a cervo for a shoulder bag I'm so hoping in canyon ( bricky red brown)

    As to the color, don't listen to your husband. He might be right, I don't know, but follow your heart . I took an ebano bag back that was a gift from my husband and he was a little hurt I think ( he thought id get the most use out of it) but I just had a gut feeling that steel was for me, and it was and now hes just happy that I really love something ultimately he helped facilitate. Brown will always be there for you. A neutral seasonal is a limited treasure. Not to say that a brown may be Just the thing and there are a few shades to look at) The bags are not cheap though, so choose the one you think you will love best. Deep down you know which one it is.
  10. Namie, also look at Chene. It's more of a med/light caramel color but would pop against black and look great with browns of all colors too. That one is more accessible via other retailers depending if you have a boutique nearby (which I don't) I know bergdorfgoodman and Saks sell that color Roma too.
  11. I found that by moving the straps to the middle position (there are three), I can carry it on the shoulder comfortably but still carry it in crook of the arm or by the hand without looking odd.

    I absolutely love the Roma - it can be heavy but I find it super-functional. (In addition to being chic and timeless, of course ;))
  12. Thanks, Happy Elf!

    All the photos have the straps on the shortest setting!!
  13. namie - there is a style reference and you will find several pictures of the Roma that are not professionally done :

    I have the Moro Roma - it is a dark chocolate brown. It never shows any dirt. Roma is a very functional bag, but is for the arm only. It does not fit on the shoulder. Roma has a lot of leather and is heavy. I really like the compartment idea, and am so glad I bought the bag.
  14. @ccxpdx - just for reference here's a pic of the Roma worn on the shoulder, using the middle strap length. It works for me most of the time. When I have bulkier stuff in it I do tend to hold it by the hand, rather than lengthen the strap.
  15. I was in Rome 3 weeks ago and stopped by the BV store at Piazza San Lorenzo. I knew I wanted a bag but wasn't sure which one... well... I've always wanted a Roma and they happened to have the Plum on display. So I asked to see a Shadow and a Blood color. The SA also brought out the bordeaux (which I'm thinking is the maroon), and the toffee (from past season) to show. I was contemplating between the Shadow and the Blood Roma, and ultimately settled on the Shadow. Both colors are gorgeous in person, but I think the shadow would be a color that is more subtle to carry, and it's also a year round color that would complement most of my outfits. I don't own any bright colored bags so I was seriously thinking of getting the blood but I chickened out :p (I did get a zip around wallet in blood to satisfy my craving though :graucho:) Will take some pics for a reveal thread soon...

    One question: the SA said my bag is made of nappa. At the time I didn't think anything much of it, just that the bag seemed rather stiff (compared to previous Romas that I've seen at BV stores in the past). But now that I think more of it, isn't Shadow this season's color, and the Roma bag is only made of light calf? Is there a possibility that BV offers Shadow in both light calf and nappa? I looked for the tag inside the hidden pocket but since BV changed their tag format, it no longer shows the kind of leather and color code so I have no clue...