Rolling Rings?

  1. Does anyone own a rolling/trinity ring? I came across some on and the prices seem really reasonable. Has anyone ordered from there? Anyone know of another retailer in a similar price range? I wanted to wear it on a middle finger and thought it would look nice.

    I am thinking of getting the medium tri-color- here's a link to the site-

    They also have a diamond one, but it is only .10 points AND $200 more. I don't think that is worth it...
  2. Cartier makes the original I believe, it's called a Trinity ring.
    I don't know of other retailers.
    I'd love to have one!:biggrin:
  3. ^^ Yes, they do. They have some really beautiful ones that have diamonds on all three bands too. But, Cartier is WAY out of my range, lol!
  4. I have the tri color from cartier. I wear it on my right hand. I luv the diamond one but it's out of my price range also :sad:
  5. I have the Cartier tri-color Trinity with the scattered diamonds on the bands. I wear it on the middle finger of my right hand. It's fun to play with;)
  6. ^I want one!:sad:
    My little list is growing faster than I can keep up with!
  7. :graucho:
  8. :lol:
  9. I actually purchased one of the rings from, and it's gorgeous - I love it & get compliments on it. It's the tri-color in 18K gold, with the diamonds set it in like the tiffany etoile style (not sure what you call that type of setting.) But, it looks beautiful & is very good quality - I recommend them.
  10. They look really different and unusual. Are they comfortable? I have made bangles that are overlapping like that but I can't envision seems like they'd pinch or something.

    But they are beautiful. :smile:
  11. The Trinity rings are very comfortable. I've been wearing mine nonstop for months and loving it:heart:
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  12. i have one that is 18k yellow gold rings and another that is 24k gold. another is 2.65 cttw diamonds on 3 rings - like 3 diamond eternity bands. i have lost 2 stones while wearing it and have replaced them so now i only wear it when i don't do a lot of physical work. my fave is 2 gold bands where the third ring is a diamond eternity band. and yes i have lost one diamond from that too and replaced it. but i still love them! my jeweler has tightened them but i am really hard on my rings i guess.....
  13. oh they are very comfortable to wear
  14. I have the Cartier trinity ring in xl and wear it on my right hand without any other rings and even though it's a big ring it's very comfy.
  15. They look quite nice. I wish they made them more thick for men.